This how to is about making coffee. Making coffee for people who have never made it before could be difficult, this is why you need the how to. I will teach you step by step how to make the best coffee!

Step 1: Ingredients

Make sure have all of the provided ingredients below.
  • Coffee grounds
  • Coffee filters
  • Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Coffee pot
  • Cleaning supplies

Step 2: Placing Filter

  • Place filter in the black filter holder displayed.

Step 3: Coffee Grounds

  • Place the coffee grounds in the filter.
  • You will need to place 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds for 8 cups.
  • Make sure the coffee grounds are evenly spread in the filter.

Step 4: Water

  • Add water to your coffee pot.

  • Fill the water to line 8 for 8 cups.

Step 5: Adding Water to the Coffee Maker

  • pour the water into the coffee pot carefully.

  • Make sure to get all the water into the coffee maker.

Step 6: Placing Coffee Pot

  • Place coffee pot back on burner with handle turned.

Step 7: Checking Your Coffee Pots Settings

  • Turn the coffee pot on to check the settings

  • Tap the select/off button to see what settings are on

  • Choose whether you want your coffee strength strong or regular

  • Make sure you tap the select/off button once to brew now; twice to delay brew.

  • We will brew now.

Step 8: Turning the Coffee Pot On

  • Tap the select/off button once to turn on your coffee pot.

  • Make sure the right strength is on

  • Make sure the brew now light is on

  • Make sure the glass light is on

Step 9: Cleaning Your Area

  • Properly clean up any spills that were made from the water or coffee

Step 10: Brewing

  • Your coffee will brew

  • Once your coffee is done brewing you can finish up
    by fixing a cup of coffee and enjoying!

<p>I love coffee :)</p>

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