Picture of How to Make Colorful Flowers with Curling Ribbons
Are you looking for a fun craft project? Making these colorful flowers using curling ribbons may be the perfect one.

I had many ribbons of different colors I no longer needed. Instead of throwing them out, I thought of making something useful and beautiful out of them. I just wasn't sure what. Then, I saw a cluster of daisies for sale in the craft store, and I immediately knew my curling ribbons could be turned into colorful flowers. Excited, I went to work. And the result is this amazing bouquet.

Step 1: Materials and tools needed

Picture of Materials and tools needed
Here is what you need:

1.    An assortment of different colored curling ribbons, approximately 10 meters long in each color (10 meters is enough to make two flowers). I have three different width ribbons: 0.75", 0.5" and 0.2". The wider ribbons can be used to make the larger sized flowers.

2.    16 gauge by 18" long pieces of floral wire. If you don’t have this size, you could use 18 gauge. I need 20 wires for my bouquet of 20 flowers.

3.    A ruler.

4.    Medium size vase. Mine is 8" high, clear glass with ruffles.

5.    A roll of floral tape (optional).

6.    Pliers.

7.    Scissors.

8.    A cluster of daisies (optional).

9.    Small size clothes pins. You can find these in the scrapbooking section at your craft store.

10.  Iron (not in the picture).
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pauljuliadesigns (author)  being human2 years ago
Thanks so much, bh! I appreciate it very much :)
Aw! These are too cute and look like a lot of fun to make!
Oh thanks, Penolopy! They were and I enjoyed making them :)
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v nyce...if v staple the mid,,result wud b same r not?
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Thanks! I'm sure it would work, as gift bows are stapled. I'd love to see how it turns out.
Thanks, charlieanderin.
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These are very nice. I am going to try them on gifts instead of bows. Thanks.
pauljuliadesigns (author)  artlife2 years ago
Thank you, artlife. Please post them. I'd love to see them :)