Introduction: How to Make Colorful Pearl and 2-Hole Seed Beads Bracelets for Women

Wanna make some bright beads bracelets? If yes, you may get some inspirations from today’s Pandahall tutorial on how to make colorful pearl and 2-hole seed beads bracelets for women.

Step 1: Materials Needed for Beads Bracelet:

5x3.5x3mm yellow 2-hole seed beads

5x3.5x3mm green 2-hole seed beads

3mm yellow pearl beads

4mm white round pearl beads

8mm white round pearl beads

2mm brass beads

0.3mm tiger wire


Step 2: Make the Base of the Colorful Beads Bracelet

1st, trim off a proper length of tiger wire and slide 14 brass beads on it;

2nd, thread one side of the wire through the last brass bead and add a 8mm pearl bead on both sides of the wire;

3rd, slide six brass beads and three green 2-hole seed beads on one side of the wire and then thread it back through the pearl beads;

4th, repeat the same ways to make other side;

5th, add a yellow pearl bead on both side of the wire.

Step 3: Continue to Add 2-hole Seed Beads

1st, after the length is enough for you, then thread the wire back through the pearl beads and brass beads;

2nd, add two yellow 2-hole seed beads on the wire like below separately;

3rd, slide three brass beads on each side of the wire separately;

4th, repeat the same ways to make other part of the bracelet.

Step 4: Add Pearl Beads

1st, thread the wire back through the 2-hole seed beads and slide two brass beads and a 4mm white pearl bead on it;

2nd, continue to add a brass bead on the wire;

3rd, repeat the same ways to make other side of the wire;

4th, continue to add 2-hole seed beads and brass bead as before, and stop it until the length is enough for you;

5th, trim off the excess wire and make it neater.

Step 5: Time for the Final Look of the Beads Bracelet:

Hey guys, how do you feel like the bead bracelet? it looks very bright and colorful right? If you wanna make such a stunning bracelet for yourself, just try it! And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or leave a comment. Hope you like it and have a nice day~


madisone4 (author)2016-06-20

You are the best

Simran Sharma (author)2016-06-14


DasiyD (author)Simran Sharma2016-06-14

Thank you, friend!

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