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I have been seeing some fantastic cement ideas floating around the internet for awhile now, but I thought they were super messy and that I can't do then in my apartment. I was so stoked to find out how simple it is and that you can create some amazing stuff! And with this project starts my cement obsession.You should definitely try to do this and you’ll be surprised how easy and cheap this is to make. On this project, the materials used are recycled materials like old plastic containers.

Step 1:

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Cut plastic bottle to make a one big and one small container.

Grease your containers.

Step 2:

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Mix cement with water in a bowl. It doesn’t need to be exact, as long as the mix has a good consistency. Not too liquid, not too thick. I used cement that is used for smoothing walls that is why they turned up so white.

Pour the mix in the larger containers.

Add in the smaller containers in the middle, with weights to hold them down in place.

Let it dry for a few days.

Step 3:

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Give it a good thumb to loosen.

You can sand the rough edges for a smoother finish.

Simply fill up the planters with soil and place the plant inside.


mrsmerwin (author)2017-02-06

I would like to know a little more about how you used the bottle to make the mold. Where did the pieces on the right side of your last picture come from?

Inablue made it! (author)mrsmerwin2017-02-08

I cut bottle on three parts then used bottom of the bottle and make it a larger container in which I put mix of cement and water. Then I used top of the bottle and make it a smaller container and put it in lager container in cement mix. And the pieces on the right side are broken pieces from another container.

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