How to Make Cool Hats!





Introduction: How to Make Cool Hats!

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Convert an old t-shirt into a cool hat!



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    for the love of god are there any girls on this sight?!!! i only seedudes! cmon if there are any girls respond to this er sumthin!!!

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    It says "This video has been removed form Metacafe"

    I'd really like to see it , though : 3

    ...I can't see the video..

    you've got nice hair

    not working...vassup wich chu chica??

    Did you remove the video, it wont work for me :(

    I can't open this video or the doll one :0( I can open your other ones. help please i don't want to miss any of your wonderful instructables

    cute! thanks for the illustration.

    An easy way to spice up this hat is to print out an image or whatever on an iron transfer and iron it on to the front of the hat.

    FLATULATIONS--Well thought out, nice hat...easy to follow. YUP !!

    Nice video, though this would be even better as a full instructable with the video to support it!

    This looks oddly like the ThreadBanger's Howto on their site.