How to Make a Cool Vintage Logging Portrait

video How to Make a Cool Vintage Logging Portrait 

This is just a little project that can be made for just about nothing.
I do not own the music or the picture and do not take credit for it. No copyright infringement intended.

Nice creation! I love the simplicity and how you've used the saw blade. Of course, the video wouldn't be the same without the music. :)
bobthebuilder728 (author)  fergusontea1 year ago
Thank you very much! Haha it is hard to find songs related to logging.
joelhunn1 year ago
Where did the picture of the HUGE stack of wood come from? Thanks for posting.
bobthebuilder728 (author)  joelhunn1 year ago
Your welcome! I google searched old logging photos and there is tons of old pics. Very interesting to look at.
bobthebuilder728 (author) 1 year ago
Thanks! It's gonna be in a couple contests!
Gregbot1 year ago
How cool!