Introduction: How to Make a Cool Vintage Logging Portrait 

This is just a little project that can be made for just about nothing.
I do not own the music or the picture and do not take credit for it. No copyright infringement intended.


fergusontea (author)2013-05-30

Nice creation! I love the simplicity and how you've used the saw blade. Of course, the video wouldn't be the same without the music. :)

Thank you very much! Haha it is hard to find songs related to logging.

joelhunn (author)2013-05-28

Where did the picture of the HUGE stack of wood come from? Thanks for posting.

Your welcome! I google searched old logging photos and there is tons of old pics. Very interesting to look at.

bobthebuilder728 (author)2013-05-26

Thanks! It's gonna be in a couple contests!

Gregbot (author)2013-05-26

How cool!

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