Crepes were always popular in my house. It would be a special breakfast, coming down the stairs to see my mom double-wielding frying pans. The crepes were usually flipped right onto our plates as we clamored for more. My brother or sister would come down a little late, just in time to see the last one disappear. And they were always delicious.

This recipe is family-sized, unless your family is as ravenous as my family of five. Then it's almost, but not quite, enough.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

1 C water
1 C milk (buttermilk is also good)
2 C flour
4 eggs
1/2 t salt
4 T butter

Add a little butter to this ingredient list to grease the pan later.
<p>1 cup milk translates into 250 ml here?</p>
Where's the flour in the list?
Oh! Thanks, I completely missed that! Fixing it.
you can add beer or fruits liquor to the recipes (little), taste great ! <br>Another tip, split flour 50% corn flour and 50% normal flour.
thanks it taste great!
Selkey... if I used buttermilk, will I need to omit the butter?
Apparently not. I actually used buttermilk for the first time to make these, and used the normal amount of butter. They turned out fine/ a little thinner than normal (though that's a good thing). I also only needed to grease the pan the first time; when using milk, you usually have to re-grease after a while.
Thanks... good to know!
I like mine with fruit and yogurt (or Nutella!). Thanks so much because now I can make my own!

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