Step 7: Hang Em High

No piñata would be complete without that necessary rope to string-em up by. Although it may seem insignificant, this detail is probably MOST CRUCIAL to the success of your piñata. It can be down right maddening to have a fully filled piñata come crashing to the floor because the rope popped out the top. The store bought piñatas are notorious for this. To avoid this catastrophe heres what works best...

`Take a metal jar lid & punture a hole in the center of it.
`Take a piece of STURDY rope or twine and knot the end creating a small loop (Be sure the knot is about 2x the size of the hole)
`Push the loop up through the hole in the lid
`Poke a hole in the top of your piñata
`Insert the entire lid into the piñata through the "door" 
`Push the loop up through the hole in the top of the piñata

The lid increases the surface area for the weight of the piñata to be dispersed over. Just be sure your knoted end will not pull through the hole in the lid, or you are back to square one. 

<p>Good Instructable! I am researching for making my first pi&ntilde;ata and your Instructable was very informative. Thank you.</p>
BTW I've never mached using just starch, I'm very excited to try this out! Also, how cool was your mom! What a cool tradition!
Awe this is so cute!!!! I died laughing at filling it with nuts. :)
Congratulations on your win! you have so much talent .
Thank you so much for the kind words!
That is just too adorable! And you filled it with peanuts? Just too much cuteness going on here :)
Thanks! The kids actually really liked the peanuts idea! I thought they might be a little disappointed by it, so it was a pleasent surprise for me too! :D
This is really cute! <br>
I especially like the moose...could be a friendlier &quot;trophy head&quot; concept!
Yes, good idea! Don't limit yourself to pinatas. I mention in the end that I've used this same method to make home decor and halloween costumes as well. Try it out &amp; have some fun! <br>HAPPY CREATING!
Lol these r sooo good your amazing with this stuff even as a kid
Thank you! The one of me as a child was actually made by my Mother, but I owe all my creativity to her!
I LOVE that squirrel and that face you (I think) are holding is fantastic. We just had a disappointing experience with a donkey that seriously would not break. All the kids were so sad. I will have to try this next time, thanks for sharing and great job. So creative with the designs. <br>
Thanks! I've had lots of disappointing experiences with store bought ones. The thing I like most about homemade, is that you can make it as strong or as weak as you like, depending on the age of the children. Mine usually will last just long enough to go through about 15 kids before breaking.
omgosh... these creations are ADORABLE, gib! <br> <br>Fabulous work!!!!!!!! <br> <br> <br> <br>
lol... &quot;Fabulous&quot; x 3!!!!
Wow you are really enthusiastic! ;) Thank you!
lol... <strong><em>I know</em></strong>! &nbsp;<br> <br> Check your Stars, gib! &nbsp;Maybe the robot tripled my 5 Star rating, too!
omgosh... these creations are ADORABLE, gib! <br> <br>Fabulous work!!!!!!!! <br> <br> <br> <br>
omgosh... these creations are ADORABLE, gib! <br> <br>Fabulous work!!!!!!!! <br> <br> <br> <br>
Thank you!
Wow, I've never seen it done like this but building the base like that from balloons makes complete sense. And it looks so much easier this way. :D
It is very easy &amp; fun! In fact, my 5 year old has started making her own. It's one of those skills that gets sweeter with time :) <br>

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