How to Make Cute Halloween Spiders


Introduction: How to Make Cute Halloween Spiders

About: Hi i am rlly creative and stuff and i loooove DIYs so ya?

This DIY is rlly simple

all you need is

. pipe cleaners or straws


.some beads or permanent markers

Step 1: Step One

Roll your clay into a ball. This will be the body of the spider

Step 2: Step Two

cut the pipe cleaners or straws so that there are 8 and stick 4 on each side

Step 3: Step Three

Draw the eyes on with your marker or stick the beads on as eyes

Step 4: Step 4

Stick your spider where you want to the night before Halloween and if it rains bring it inside as you dont want it to get ruined



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    This is a cute idea! The photos are a bit blurry though, do you have some clearer ones of what you made? Just for reference if you would like to break down the steps and add some clear progress photos so that others can replicate the project then it will receive more attention from the community and be possible to be featured on the site. Here are some helpful guides on how to write out an instructable. I look forward to seeing more great content from you!

    Thank you,

    Christa (Swansong) Community Manager

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    Sorry my photos had to come off my phone so they r rlly blury