These instructions will tell you how to make very cute amine style cat paws. I used them in a costume I made and they worked very well. They aren't bulky so you can still hold things. They cost under $5 to make and didn't take very long at all. I will also post how to make the tail and ears.

Step 1: What You Need

4 sq. feet faux fur (any colour)
1 sq. foot light pink fabric
black fabric scraps
Thin “magic” gloves from the dollar store (any colour)
Needle and thread
Precision knife

<p>This year for Halloween I'm going to dress as a cute wolf pup so I'm going to use this idea but instead of it being kitten paws they're going to be wolf paws. Love the idea by the way ?</p>
<p> thanks for a great tutorial. My grandson wants paws for his imagination play these are perfect!</p>
Warning: don't play with your cat while wearing this. They'll think it is another playfull cat and they WILL use their claws!
<p>yah I did that</p>
<p>Are you Japanese as well? you have a kitsune mask on (^u^)</p>
<p>Nah, this is just an alias. And the mask, well, I learned how to make it through Deviant Art &gt;v&gt;</p>
Such a great pair of mittens. Thanks.
I love this. Nice job. So adorable. I would love to figure a way to make the hat, scarf and paws that I am seeing everywhere. Spirithood, I think they call them.<br>
You might try this one for the hat : https://www.instructables.com/id/Customizable-Fleece-Hats/ <br>It's for fleece hats but you may try with faux fur, who knows? As for the scarf I suppose a plain rectangle folded in two and sewn along the edges would be enough.
Hello <br>Could you explain what &quot;magic gloves&quot; are? Just regular gloves? (I am not american, maybe it is an american thing?)
&quot;magic gloves&quot; are the very thin stretchy gloves that you can buy at a drug store or grocery store. They are cheap and sometimes come in a pack or 2 pairs.
Ok, thanks!
Sooo Cuuute!
can those work as dog/wolf gloves with a different color faux fur?
I can't see why not! :)
I love this
I love them, I made a pair of black kitty paw and the look really cute *-*
Those are very cute. &nbsp;
*speechless from cuteness*
thanks, the tail and ears are cute too but I forgot to take pictures<br />

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