Picture of How to Make Cute Kitty Paw Mittens
These instructions will tell you how to make very cute amine style cat paws. I used them in a costume I made and they worked very well. They aren't bulky so you can still hold things. They cost under $5 to make and didn't take very long at all. I will also post how to make the tail and ears.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

4 sq. feet faux fur (any colour)
1 sq. foot light pink fabric
black fabric scraps
Thin “magic” gloves from the dollar store (any colour)
Needle and thread
Precision knife

honey_51 year ago
Such a great pair of mittens. Thanks.
lnwn3 years ago
I love this. Nice job. So adorable. I would love to figure a way to make the hat, scarf and paws that I am seeing everywhere. Spirithood, I think they call them.
You might try this one for the hat : http://www.instructables.com/id/Customizable-Fleece-Hats/
It's for fleece hats but you may try with faux fur, who knows? As for the scarf I suppose a plain rectangle folded in two and sewn along the edges would be enough.
Could you explain what "magic gloves" are? Just regular gloves? (I am not american, maybe it is an american thing?)
Kitty Kait (author)  ExquiseMarquise3 years ago
"magic gloves" are the very thin stretchy gloves that you can buy at a drug store or grocery store. They are cheap and sometimes come in a pack or 2 pairs.
Ok, thanks!
Sooo Cuuute!
Puppyl0v34 years ago
can those work as dog/wolf gloves with a different color faux fur?
Kitty Kait (author)  Puppyl0v34 years ago
I can't see why not! :)
fsosa4 years ago
I love this
mikao4 years ago
I love them, I made a pair of black kitty paw and the look really cute *-*
Warning: don't play with your cat while wearing this. They'll think it is another playfull cat and they WILL use their claws!
gia5 years ago
Those are very cute.  
hishealer5 years ago
*speechless from cuteness*
Kitty Kait (author)  hishealer5 years ago
thanks, the tail and ears are cute too but I forgot to take pictures