How to Make Cute Kitty Paw Mittens





Introduction: How to Make Cute Kitty Paw Mittens

These instructions will tell you how to make very cute amine style cat paws. I used them in a costume I made and they worked very well. They aren't bulky so you can still hold things. They cost under $5 to make and didn't take very long at all. I will also post how to make the tail and ears.

Step 1: What You Need

4 sq. feet faux fur (any colour)
1 sq. foot light pink fabric
black fabric scraps
Thin “magic” gloves from the dollar store (any colour)
Needle and thread
Precision knife

Step 2: Cutting Out the Paw Shapes

          Flip the fur over so the back side is facing you and trace your hands and draw2 paw shapes around them. Draw the paws so it goes down your wrist about 3 inches. Cut them out using the precision knife as it works better then scissors and doesn’t cut the fur only the backing. Flip them over so the fur is up and trace them to make the matching other half of your paws.

Step 3:

           Using your pink fabric cut 8 ovals and 2 heart shaped pads. Make the bottom of the hearts round not pointy.

Step 4: Sewing the Pads Onto the Paws

       Sew the pads onto the palm side of your paws.

Step 5: Making the Claws

      Cut 8 triangles that fit your paws. These will be the claws. Sew the 2 longest sides of the triangles together so each makes a cone. Flip them right side out and stuff with a little stuffing so they are stiff.

Step 6: Pinning the Paws Together

      Put the 2 sides of your paws together fur sides in and pin together. Push all the fur along the edges inside. Place a claw on each tip of the mittens (4 on each) and pin in place. The point and most of the claw will be on the fur side.

Step 7: Sewing the Paws Together

     Flip the mittens right side out to make sure everything looks right and flip inside out again.Hand sew along the edges leaving the wrist and 3 inches before the wrist opening.

Step 8: Inserting the Gloves

       Remove the pins and flip right side out. Insert a glove into each and fold the 3 inches of fur at the wrist inside the glove and sew them to the gloves, make sure not to sew the gloves shut.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Paws!!

      Put your hands inside and enjoy your warm cute paws!!



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    This year for Halloween I'm going to dress as a cute wolf pup so I'm going to use this idea but instead of it being kitten paws they're going to be wolf paws. Love the idea by the way ?

    thanks for a great tutorial. My grandson wants paws for his imagination play these are perfect!

    Warning: don't play with your cat while wearing this. They'll think it is another playfull cat and they WILL use their claws!

    Are you Japanese as well? you have a kitsune mask on (^u^)

    Nah, this is just an alias. And the mask, well, I learned how to make it through Deviant Art >v>

    Such a great pair of mittens. Thanks.


    I love this. Nice job. So adorable. I would love to figure a way to make the hat, scarf and paws that I am seeing everywhere. Spirithood, I think they call them.

    You might try this one for the hat :
    It's for fleece hats but you may try with faux fur, who knows? As for the scarf I suppose a plain rectangle folded in two and sewn along the edges would be enough.