How to Make Deep Fried Cheese Balls

Step 3: Cut and Batter the Cheese

Picture of Cut and Batter the Cheese
1. Remove the cheese from the wrapper

2. With the knife and cutting board, cut the cheese into squares.

--Tip: The cheese should be approximately 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. This way they will be bite sized and easier to fry.

3. Put the cheese into the milk and egg mixture and completely coat.

4. With the fork used to whisk the egg and milk, move the cheese from the small bowl to the large bowl.

5. Using the second fork, coat the cheese completely with the batter

--Important: You should not be able to see any part of the cheese after coating. This is important when frying, because the cheese will melt and you do not want it to escape the batter.

--Tip: Make sure not to use your fingers to batter the cheese. The process will be much cleaner and easier if two separate utensils are used to cover the cheese in the "glue" and to batter it.