As a foreign student studying abroad from home country, missing our own style of dishes is natural. In this document, I will introduce on how to make “Chicken Paprik”. This is actually one of Malaysia's most famous dish. I chose this dish because of these two main reasons. First, I want to demonstrate how to prepare this dish for other Malaysians whom study or live abroad and craving for this delicious food. Second, I want to promote Malaysian food at the international level. So, the target audience is not only for Malaysians, others also can try make this dish. The whole cooking time will normally take about 20-30 minutes, depending on how efficient we are in the kitchen. I have cooked this dish several times and used to bring this dish to any festival celebrations or whenever my friends and I were having potluck. Whenever I cooked this dish, I got all positive feedback about it and I am pretty confident to share my recipe with all of you. Here, I have provided steps on how to make this easy-to-make, yet delicious, mouth-watering dish. Keep in mind that this serving is for 2-3 people.

Step 1: Get All the Ingredients Together

� Go to any local grocery and buy the following ingredients
- 500 grams of small-cut chicken
TIP: In order to make your cut work easier, you can buy breast chicken instead of the bony parts
- 200 grams of mixed vegetables
-A tomato
-An onion: You can use either red onion, white onion, or yellow onion; depending on your preferences
TIP: I prefer the red onion
-2 cloves of garlic
- A bottle of ketchup: In this serving, you will need two ladles of it

� Go to any Asian supermarket and buy the following ingredients
- A stick of lemongrass
- 3-5 lime leaves
TIP:In order to keep the lemongrass and lime leaves fresh and stay longer, you should keep them in the refrigerator
- A bottle of oyster sauce: In this serving, you will need two ladles of it
- A bottle of chili sauce: In this serving, you will need a ladle of it.
- A bottle of thick soy sauce: In this serving, you will need three ladles of it.
TIP:A picture of the ladle use throughout the cooking process is shown in the picture above. One ladle is equivalent to 40ml

� Other items needed for cooking
- Vegetable oil
- Salt
- Sugar
<p>Sigh.. why am I seing this while I am fasting. Sabar..sabar</p>
Oh, my mouth is watering! <br /> <br />I've never seen onion and garlic blended and then added like that - really interesting!
You should try this! In Malaysia, we always use that technique in cooking :)

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