Introduction: How to Make Delicious, Healthy Homemade Potato Chips With a Microwave!

Picture of How to Make Delicious, Healthy Homemade Potato Chips With a Microwave!

Looking for a healthy, low-fat, easy, and delicious alternative to store-bought fried potato chips? Look no further!

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need

1 Potato
1 Microwave-safe plate
1 Microwave

Flavoring (Optional)

Step 2: Cut the Potato

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Cut the potato into thin slices, as thin or as thick as you'd like.

Using a vegetable or cheese slicer (often found on a side of a cheese grater) works well.

The thinner the slice, the more quickly it will cook and the crispier it will be.

Step 3: Lay Potato Slices on Plate

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Arrange the potato slices on the plate with the thinner slices on the outside and the thicker slices on the inside. This will provide for more even cooking.

Step 4: Add Flavoring

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Add any desired flavoring. I have tried salt, salt and vinegar, cayenne pepper, seasoned salt, and garlic powder.

Step 5: Nuke It.

Put the plate in the center of your microwave and set it for five minutes. (cooking time will vary depending on how many chips you are making and the thickness of the slices)

Step 6: Watch the Chips

Picture of Watch the Chips

You have to watch the chips as they cook, because cooking time varies greatly. The chips are done when brown spots develop and they become crispy. Cook them as long or as little as you like to change the degree of crispy-ness.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!

Enjoy the chips and feel good in the fact that you are eating a low-fat, healthy alternative to traditional potato chips.


twiggycaps made it! (author)2016-04-16

i put cinnamon sugar on mine and they were AMAZING!!!! thanks for the awesome recipe!

rbaba (author)2011-12-12

If you want to add cheese of any kind, do it in the last half-minute of the process. Don't overcook it. For an 1000W microwave lamp running at 100% power:

slice of cheddar, gouda, emmentaler: 10s
farmhouse cheeses, very fat, but somewhat dry, lightly astringent: 20-30s
extra-dry cheese like italian Parmesan: 30s-1minute -> this is your best bet!

Don't microwave blue-green cheeses. Nasty. Most should be eaten cold.
You may have some success with light white cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, certain regional varieties. Greek feta is not a good idea either.

Avoid factory-melt cheeses. They use various potassium salts which still linger. Microwaving them further transforms the composition of the cheese, making it unsuitable for eating, if not toxic.

twiggycaps (author)rbaba2016-04-16

wow! you must know your cheeses!

opinionsmatter4 (author)2014-12-26

Hello!! I got ur book on my i-phone yesterday and I tried this recipe from that book. It is a good recipe but Chips stick to the plate after I take them out of Microwave after 5 minutes of cooking. Please suggest some way to get rid off this problem. I directly placed the chips on Microwave plate coz I was not sure the plates I have are Microwave safe or not as We usually use stove and microwave is only to use when gas is not available.

i had that same problem. what i did was put a tiny bit of spray on olive oil and/or butter. i also microwaved mine for about 3 minutes instead.

Diesel63 (author)opinionsmatter42015-01-26

you could use a glass or microwave friendly plastic plate.

15213501 (author)2015-05-27


Zainy Apple Dash (author)2015-05-22

This is very good recipe especially for those who are dieting.

Wolf1994 (author)2014-07-31

Pretty good and fun to make!

Papadum Express (author)2014-01-01

hahahah .. we too started making papadums that way and then took it 100 steps further with the Papadum Express tray!

Nice one, nonetheless :))

Tkuebrich (author)2007-12-18

So one of my chips started sparking but I threw it out and then everything went fine. Also, mine stuck to the paper as well. Not only is this a good snack but it also helps steam any old food off your micro wave!

dodo91 (author)Tkuebrich2009-04-22

how do potatoes spark? i geuse it's one of earths unsolved mysteries. speaking of wich, i watched animal planet the other day. they had video evidence of "the missing link!" otherwise known as big foot. he murdered a guy trying to shoot a forest ranger. they also found video evidence of a ver large lizard thing. it has infectionous bateria in its mouth. the guy in it was eaten alive. he had a wife/girlfriend. a moment of silence....................... okay, i know that was WAY off topic. but come on, thats some intresting stuff.

Bowtie41 (author)dodo912013-10-17

I'm thinking it could be any sort of metal bit embedded in the potato,from iron ore bits(my construction magnet picks up all sorts of small stones where we live(IL,near St. Louis)),to a piece of rust from a civil war relic,to even an old piece of foil that had been tilled under years before.If it was small enough,and situated within a slice,it might not be seen.BTW,professional wrestling is REAL!!!,and NONE of the towing/repo shows are staged,my wife said so,lol.Just kidding about the shows,but that's my theory on the sparks,and I'm sticking to it!

drummonkey92 (author)dodo912010-01-21

was the lizard a komodo dragon?

dodo91 (author)drummonkey922010-10-21

no. aparently, its a lizard monster, larger than a human, but i dont believe in it.

nriehm (author)dodo912011-06-19

you have reason too, they found ancient cave paintings of it in the dino era. And at the end of that time only creatures that could go underground or underwater survived that um... apocalypse. and it definitely wasn't a water dweller, nor could it dig underground...
... so it would have died out.

hbassnett (author)nriehm2011-12-09

You also have to take into consideration that people were a lot shorter than they are now, and that anything that looked huge back then isnt really that large, compared to our height. :)

nriehm (author)drummonkey922011-06-19

supposed relative

nriehm (author)dodo912011-06-19

actually, those are made up videos based on the myths/ evidence of those creatures; it says so in the show.

ReCreate (author)Tkuebrich2009-02-19


james4 (author)2012-07-14

Potato =3

OldBird51 (author)2012-02-21

I make my chips using a plastic mesh that is for cooking oven chips..
works a treat without sticking.

Nastyaff (author)2012-02-05

Oo thanks for the valuable advices!

mmccall1 (author)2011-09-04

Does this work with other vegetables, or do they just turn mushy. Really trying to figure out how to cook or dehydrate veggies that makes them more snackable.

Unsia (author)2010-08-04

HEY i used the same paper plate as you with Yukon golds but mine still stuck to the plate! Help! i even tried greasing the paper plate a bit with olive oil i also tried this with a glass plate same thing happened it took ALOT of effort to pry them off. heellpp!

ashannon2 (author)Unsia2011-08-22

As was mentioned, either, use baking paper, sprinkle plate w/ any salt, tony's, sea etc, or And spray plate w/ Pam,, Don't open door les you gt a fire till done, you"ll know by looking, toaster oven works great too, just needy to flip,

lukeyj15 (author)2010-06-25

would oil help?

commentnlookr (author)lukeyj152011-08-12

it does

pixelate (author)2011-06-21

Mine were okay... ish

pixelate (author)2011-06-21

I tried this and i didnt get too good results, but i think i know why, you are using a paper plate which is absorbing the moisture, and i didnt get brown spots at any stage.

anchubou (author)2011-04-21

This is heaven! :D

chixi96 (author)2011-01-30

wow awsome! i made them n mother loved them

Muniosi (author)2011-01-14

Nice chips! I made two modifications to your 'ible. First, I used a KitchenAid mixer attachment to slice the potatoes. This made many more chips and made them much thinner. Second, I sprayed the plate with Pam so the chips wouldn't stick. Works like a charm!

daviddd (author)2010-12-07

These taste really odd. But i keep eating them! WHYYY?

chotzeny (author)2010-10-28

You can put the salt on the plate first - then place slices on the solt
the salt grains will keep it from sticking to the plate. and the slices waight will make the salt stick..

matt95x (author)2010-10-23


willi.da.bomb (author)2010-10-21

best chips evarrrrr

ok? i be a pirate ??? anyway good chips all those who are having trouble use baking paper works everytime

eulaliaaaa! (author)2010-10-12

I just made some and they are AWESOME!!! nomnomnom.

ebcat (author)2010-08-25

I have tried it!, very cool and delicious. But my potatoes were sticked to the plate, so I used this structure made of sticks, and that was the result:

tqwerty (author)2010-08-05

Damn!! I wasn't watch for two seconds and then BOOM, not explosion boom but emphasis boom, 2 of them were burnt, but the rest were perfect.. I guess I'll give those ones to my brother

tqwerty (author)2010-08-05

Ok so I had to take the thin ones off the plate after 6 minutes (they smell like Mickey d's fries) and I put the thicker ones back in for 3? Minutes. Mm they taste good

tqwerty (author)2010-08-05

Are they tasty cold?

tqwerty (author)2010-08-05

Ommnomnomnom this is delish... But I haven't even tried them yet. Great instruct able, mine are still in the microvave but they are taking more than five mintutes.. ( though I have to admit I'm not very good at cutting) I can't wait to try them! I used salt and olive oil

Psyber (author)2007-12-06

To all the folks out there that mistakenly believe the potato is unhealthy:
potato nutrition label

Thats almost twice the potassium as a banana, nearly half your daily intake of Vitamin C, a fair source of fiber, B vitamins and magnesium. At only a tenth of your recommended daily intake of carbs and a twentieth your intake of calories it's comparable to a mid sized whole wheat pita pocket without all the fat and sodium. The potato gets a bad rep from being overly processed and garnished. A baked potato with a little salt is quite healthy by itself, slather on the butter, sour cream, bacon bits and cheese and it becomes a heart attack waiting to happen. Thats not the potatos fault.

ReCreate (author)Psyber2009-02-19

slather on the butter, sour cream, bacon bits and cheese and it becomes a heart attack waiting to happen.
yeah,its not the potatoes fault,it just got a reputation for being un-healthy
and i think,even rotten ones can be planted and can grow a new plant,right?

Klaus Baude 123 (author)ReCreate2009-03-29

Yeah, but arent potates really, really starchy? That can't be good.

makalove (author)Klaus Baude 1232010-07-29

starch is not bad for you. carbohydrates are fuel. without fuel your body doesn't function properly.

ReCreate (author)Klaus Baude 1232009-03-30

Probably not

dodo91 (author)Psyber2009-04-22

yeah. it's not the potatoe that's unhealthy, but all that grease. potatoe chips have LOTS of grease. lays chips have so much, i get a headache if i eat to much. pringles are my FAVORITE chip brand. they have no grease.

makalove (author)dodo912010-07-29

i realize that this is post was made a long time ago, but... if you're eating pringles and thinking they have no grease... 1 oz of original pringles (that's 14 chips) has 11 grams of fat. 1 oz of lays classic potato chips has 10 grams of fat. perhaps it's something else in the lays that's giving you a headache. :)

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