How to Make Delicious, Healthy Homemade Potato Chips With a Microwave!


Step 7: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Enjoy the chips and feel good in the fact that you are eating a low-fat, healthy alternative to traditional potato chips.
mmccall14 years ago
Does this work with other vegetables, or do they just turn mushy. Really trying to figure out how to cook or dehydrate veggies that makes them more snackable.
pixelate4 years ago
Mine were okay... ish
chixi964 years ago
wow awsome! i made them n mother loved them
tqwerty5 years ago
Damn!! I wasn't watch for two seconds and then BOOM, not explosion boom but emphasis boom, 2 of them were burnt, but the rest were perfect.. I guess I'll give those ones to my brother
tqwerty5 years ago
Ok so I had to take the thin ones off the plate after 6 minutes (they smell like Mickey d's fries) and I put the thicker ones back in for 3? Minutes. Mm they taste good
tqwerty5 years ago
Are they tasty cold?
tqwerty5 years ago
Ommnomnomnom this is delish... But I haven't even tried them yet. Great instruct able, mine are still in the microvave but they are taking more than five mintutes.. ( though I have to admit I'm not very good at cutting) I can't wait to try them! I used salt and olive oil
Pilgrimm5 years ago
You might have an easier time of separating the chips from the plate if you use a piece of bakers parchment, lightly oiled with cooking spray, between the chips and the plate. This should also work in the conventional oven, and if you're lucky enough not to burn, then you can use the parchment over again for a second batch. "Betcha can't eat just one...." (Batch, that is...) Great guide!
Yourockimhome sick and i was so hungry but nothin in my house sounded great untill i checked the quick and easy recipies and saw this you are a freakin life savor THANK YOU!
same here
DorkDude6 years ago
YAYY. I love chips, but I wwanted to start eating a bit more healthy and...
the magic key.
Thanks so much
DEADMAU5FTW6 years ago
what was the best seasoning?
thatkidwithayoyo (author)  DEADMAU5FTW6 years ago
I liked kosher salt the most.
Hexpigge6 years ago
first you need to wash potato chips (um-microwaved) with cold water then they shouldnt stick to other things or each other . awesome guide :D
r_morr7 years ago
Hi, great idea! I tried it but all my chips stuck to the plate & I had to chisel them off!! Did you use a paper plate or something other than a ceramic microwave-safe plate? Thanks.
thatkidwithayoyo (author)  r_morr7 years ago
I used a paper plate.