Picture of How to Make 'Despicable Me' Bomb Beds

The idea was initiated for an Automata project (a machine with computations) required for our Things That Think class at CU Boulder. 
Our Automaton is taken from the 'Despicable Me' movie, where the girls have bombs for beds and align on top of another when it is time to sleep. 

LED light, Switch 

When lights are OFF:
- The beds start moving towards the wall till aligned.
- The girls wake lie down

When lights are ON:
- The beds descending
- The girls wake up by a sitting up motion

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Step 1: Material and Tools

- Three (2x2x2) wooden sheets
- A bike chain
- 1 Arduino 
- 1 breadboard
- 3 Servos
- 1 Motor
- 1 DPDT relay
- 2 NPN transistors
- 2 (220 OHM) resistors
- 1 10k OHM resistor
- 1 LDR (light dependent resistor)
- 2 metal rods used as railing
- 3.00mm thick plastic sheet
- A switch
- 3 nerf balls
- Laser cutter
- Drill
- Wood saw machine
- A thick 40 inch tubing
- Fabric for doll making
- LEDs used as lights 

Step 2: The Beds + Dolls

Picture of The Beds + Dolls
Photo Feb 28, 11 08 26 AM-001.jpg
Photo Mar 15, 12 47 11 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 08, 1 02 06 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 17, 4 39 09 PM.jpg
For each bed we emptied a nerf ball , curved out parts of it for the U-shaped-holders / mattress and tail. It was all done using a sharp knife and saw, glued via wood glue and sprayed with silver. 
The tail is connected to the back bone of the bed , which was drawn on Adobe Illustrator and cut using the laser cutter. 

The doll body was made of wooden pieces cut to give it friction when it wakes up, and the girls were made of different fabrics based on personal preference / resources available.