Introduction: How to Make Diamond Ring

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Hi, today I am going to make this diamond ring.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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  1. jewellery wire
  2. bending pliers
  3. scissor
  4. stone
  5. strong glue

Step 2:

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First of all take a Jewellery wire and make a knot type on the edge of wire. now take a mandrel or any circle object and start wrapping 4 layers.

Step 3:

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Take a strong glue and put on stone and stick on wire and leave for a hours.

Step 4: Completed


wold630 (author)2016-01-28

Great ring!

Aryanansari (author)wold6302016-01-28


Simran Sharma (author)2016-01-28

wow so cool ring.


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