How to Make Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver





Introduction: How to Make Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver

I love watching DOCTOR WHO and I notice that he always has this little tool that he uses to open doors and pick locks and all sorts of things. I looked up a few things on google about it and found out that it is called a SONIC SCREWDRIVER. So I knew I had to make one and you can, too, with this easy step by step tutorial!

Step 1: Building the Body of It.

So for the body of it I used little nuts and bolts and other things I had laying around the workshop. I also used an LED flashlight. First I glued this long screw bolt thing to the end of the LED that lights up. There was a hole going through the little bolt thing so it could get some light through it. Then I glued a bolt to the top of the screw thing and let it dry. Hot glue could be a little messy so try to be as clean as possible. 

Step 2: Spray Paint It and Add Detail

So I masked off the little rubber grip on the LED and spray painted it all silver. You could use chrome if you'd like. Once it dries set the marble at the end of the long screw bolt thing and glue it into place. Now glue the little black cap on the end of the LED. Just push it on to get the marble lit up and there you have it! VOILA! Enjoy!



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Questions & Answers


How did you love watching Doctor Who and not know it was called a sonic screwdriver?

please.....sigh. thats not funny.

Sorry, but it's mentioned all the time. Either way, this is really cool!

Nice making my own and looking for ideas and this was perfect.

Nice, I like the idea of using a marble as the end. :)


I don't really know all the parts used in this sorry. I used a LED flashlight, a marble, a bolt, and I don't even know what the other two things are. Just found them in my garage. :)

Can you tell me all the parts used in making this?

What kind of flashlight is that?