To create rugged, stick-free coasters from old record albums, the first thing you'll need is a stack of excellent-looking labels. You'll want to raid the 50-cent bins at your local thrift store or salvage yard. Remember, it's all about the looks, so you'll be shopping for label appearance, not the music itself.

Step 1: Find Excellent Record Labels on Scratched Up Old Records

You'll need:

  • A 4.5" hole saw drill bit. Use this exact size!
  • An "arbor" to support the bit in your drill's chuck (ask your hardware store)
  • A piece of old scrap lumber
  • A grinder bit for your drill, similar to the one shown in this video
  • Two or three grades of sandpaper (at least one rough and one fine)
  • Pre-cut 4" felt discs (check Amazon)
  • Standard white glue and a small paintbrush
  • Matte finish spray acrylic (I like Mod Podge)
<p>Cool idea. I wonder if you could use this same method to make plates from whole records.</p>
<p>You'd need a very large holesaw bit, and they don't come in sizes much bigger than this. Also you'd need to warp up the edges a bit to make useful plates. And they wouldn't be dishwasher safe because vinyl melts at very low temps. And they would have a hole in the middle of them.</p>

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