How to Make Dual Shaft DC MOTOR





Introduction: How to Make Dual Shaft DC MOTOR

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Hello Readers This is a really special instructable in which i modified a single shaft DC Motor to a Double Shaft in Very Easy Way..

Video Link: (Just copy and search in your browser)

Uses:Only one motor can be used instead of two in case of projects such as RC Cars

Step 1: Hate Reading? This Video Is for You Https://

Complete Video Tutorial Which Shows Modifying Single Shaft to Double Shaft in 2 Ways

Video link

Step 2: Lets Begin

  • Have a Look at Your DC Motor!
  • Remove it by opening the closed hooks in the side
  • Remove the Rotor from Inside
  • Try Hard to remove the shaft(it is little bit tricky to remove shaft)
  • if you didn't get how to remove shaft go back to previous Step!

Step 3: New Shaft!

  • After the Old Shaft is Removed,replace it by new one
  • insert the new shaft
  • Fix it using superglue
  • Put Back Everything in place
  • Now run the motor with battery
  • Dual shaft Motor is Ready For Action!

If You Liked this instructions Please share with your family and Friends! Have a Great Day.Bye



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    Something to try for removing the shaft is to use vice grips and a piece of sheetmetal with a hole that is slightly larger than the shaft. Thread the shaft through the hole in the sheetmeral and grab it with the vice grips. Clamp the sheet metal to the table and you should be able to pull out the motor shaft quite quickly

    I don't think removing the shaft is that easy, but a nice idea nevertheless.

    Ya it's a little bit trickier!

    Nice tutorial, but the video is not there.

    Please check step 1 for video....

    Please provide link to video as well. Embedded videos are not supported in i'ble app. Btw, grt work.