Introduction: How to Make Earrings

Picture of How to Make Earrings

Earring Hook
6 Jump Rings
Head Pin
Glass Bead
Silver Plated Metal Bead Cap
Round Nose Jewelry Pliers

Step 1: Bead, Bead Cap, Head Pin

Picture of Bead, Bead Cap, Head Pin

Put the glass bead on the head pin with the bead cap on second.  Cut the head pin so it is about 1/2 inch after the last bead.  Bend the head pin at the end into a loop with the round nose jewelry pliers. 

Step 2: Adding the Jump Rings

Picture of Adding the Jump Rings

Join two jump rings to the loop you just made.  
Next, attach one jump ring going through both of the last jump rings. 
Then, Attach two jump rings again.
Combine those two jump rings with one jump ring.
Lastly add the earring hook.
Follow these steps again to make a matching earring.


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Bio: Just graduated from cosmetology school. I have been going to craft fairs since 3rd grade. I started out making jewelry and in 5th or 6th ... More »
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