How to Make Earrings on the "Fly"





Introduction: How to Make Earrings on the "Fly"

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I enjoy fly fishing in the summer months. I often found myself selecting flies that wouldn't work for the fish I was targeting but rather just because I thought they were fun to look at. I decided, since I liked them so much, why not wear them? If you have found yourself asking the same question then you'll love this instructable! This is a simple way to make fun, flirty, earrings FAST! They also make a great conversational piece for any of you single ladies out there wanting to "snag yourselves a keeper!" Once you start making these you'll find that you're spending more at the sporting-goods store then the men in your life! 

Here's what you do:
`Go to your nearest sporting-goods supplier (Cabela's or Sportsman's Warehouse etc.) 
`Choose any pair of fishing flies that you desire (they have a variety of colors & creatures)
`Take one of the flies and cut off the hook just below the barb using tin snips or bolt cutters
`Take some needle nose pliers and curl the tip in so the cut edge is against the fly (you can add beads if you would like too)
`Add your fish hook earrings through the eye of the fly or the curled portion of the hook.
`Repeat this with the matching fly.


TIP: These are great for last minute gift ideas. I've made these as gifts before and packaged them in a fly fishing case. 



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    The thing I love most is the vast selection of colors, and shapes! It is so fun!

    This is just genius. I know a ton of ladies back in Kentucky that would adore these. Great work!