Picture of How to Make Easy Felt Board/Flannel Board Pieces
If you use a felt board or flannel board while storytelling you know that it's hard to come by nicely made, reasonably priced pieces. Sure, if you're crafty you can use glue and thread and create something nice. But I'm not that crafty. And I'm cheap. Plus I'm a little bit lazy on top of all that. So here's how I make really easy pieces for my flannel board.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Picture of Gather Your Supplies
You need:

- light weight, non-fusible interfacing, available at fabric and hobby stores
- art, your own or someone else's for which you have authorization to use
- sharp scissors
- permanent and/or fabric markers or crayons
- drier or iron, depending on what the instructions for your fabric markers say if you use them
- access to a copy machine or printer for clip art

Pellon is a common brand of interfacing. You want to choose the heaviest weight that you can still see through because you're going to trace your art. Fuzzier interfacing sticks to flannel boards better than non-fuzzy, but both kinds seem to work. I found two bolts of interfacing that were marked with identical tags but one was significantly fuzzier than the other. Feel before you buy.
amanda2325 years ago
Dryer sheets work well too...and they smell good also...kids love coloring on them
Share3106 years ago
This is a fun craft for preschoolers, we tried it out. My kids also enjoy the Ziggity Zoom kids site ... they have lots of easy and fun crafts and activities for kids.
kb8ywp (author)  Share3106 years ago
Thanks! I hadn't thought to let the kids do it, but as I mostly work with two-year olds these days I'm not sure they'd get it. Maybe I'll let my own kids try now!
sconniebabe6 years ago
filter paper works really well too. My mom teaches preschool and buys the extra large filters from Fleet Farm (or Farm and Fleet). they have some farming or automotive purpose, but they work really well, are huge, and fairly cheap
kb8ywp (author)  sconniebabe6 years ago
Neat idea! I'll have to look into that.
ChrysN6 years ago
Those look really nice, great idea!
kb8ywp (author)  ChrysN6 years ago