How to Make Edible Glowing UV Reactive JELLO





Introduction: How to Make Edible Glowing UV Reactive JELLO

Watch the vid to see exactly how to make UV Reactive Jello. This looks great, but needs sugar.

Step 1: Assemble Ingredients

You will need:
Jello packet (or no name gelatin dessert)
Tonic Water
Black Light (uv Light)
Pot (the kind you use to boil water)

Step 2: Make the Jello

What to do:
Boil 1 cup of Tonic water
Pour boiling tonic water into a jello mould or bowl,
Sprinkle in Jello powder while mixing the hot tonic water, stir until all of the powder is dissolved
Add 2 tbs of sugar to sweeten (if desired)
Add 1 Cup of cold tonic water and mix briefly (1 or two stirs)
Put in fridge for 2 hours

When the jello has set you can take it out and it will glow under a black light.
This is due to the quinine in the tonic water (the stuff that makes it bitter)

Not only is this a great halloween treat, quinine has been used for years in medicine for some of its soothing properties... check out the wiki on it to get the full scoop.

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I love that you clarified what kind of pot...........I was going to go down to the rec shop and get the other kind....... ;)

Why do we have to use a black light?

I'm thinking a darker color jello may not work? I just tried 1 cup tonic water water boiled into strawberry jello, with one cup of vodka mixed very cold from the freezer. Poured into brain mold and have had is setting in the fridge for about 5 hours. It didn't react to my 6ft UV black light? Could be the red of the strawberry is too dark our could be I substituted too much vodka for tonic water. Either way I'll enjoy the jello tonight and try it with lime tomorrow. Has anyone made jello shots this way and still got the UV reaction? What flavors have you made this with hairy?

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anything with red dye in it won't work, its at the beginning of the colour spectrum. if you notice, the colours at the other end (blue, green, violet) will work the best. the red dye blocks the UV [notice this stands for Ultra-Violet] from getting to the Quinine... it has to do with wavelengths and whatnot. think about what red and orange things look like under blacklight... they look almost black... while very light objects [like paper] look bluish-purple.

Red and Orange will not work, regardless of what order you dye and refrigerate it.

Ya know I've had to study some of the color spectrum for work (fiber optics) and that makes perfect sense! I did make some with a light green lime and it worked perfectly, I'll have to do it again for the halloween party.

i'm glad it made sense to you, i was trying to explain it to some other people and they just gave me a blank stare... :]

Where do you get a brain mold? I made one out of beeswax to make "monkey brains" for my kids halloween party. I didn't see any molds around and I'd like to have one.

A local Wal-Mart store had brain molds and heart molds for around $3 each. Cheap compared to what I found online, only drawback they were kinda small 1 to 1.25 cups.

That would have been perfect. That's almost exactly the size I made out of wax -- which took more time than it should have to prevent leaks etc. I'll keep an eye out for them. And hearts too!!!

Hi. I Am Doin A Project On This And I Am The Peoduct As We Speak. My Question Is Do You Absaloutly Need A Black Light.?

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You do realize that capitalizing every one of your words makes it hard to read and kinda annoying? You will get better answers that are more relevant if you type like a normal person.

 hi, i noticed that in "step 1: assemble ingredients," you forgot to list gin. =P

I am going to have to combine this with the Roast Tentacle instructable... sweet glowing edible glowing alien tenticle!!!!

were can I find tonic water ... in local stores ... I live in MI ... stores like grocery stores or anything? and can I use any of these other products that has tonic water in them ... if I can't find the original tonic water Canada Dry Cantrell Cunnington Seagram's Schweppes Royal Club Nordic Mist by Coca-Cola Company Kinley by Coca-Cola Company Krest by Coca-Cola Company Antarctica by Ambev (Brazil) Schin Tonica, made by Schincariol (Brazil) Finches by Gleeson (Ireland) Paso de los Toros by PepsiCo Inc. (Uruguay)

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I live in MI too- I think EVERY grocery store orsupermarket I've been in has it... it's either near the other carbonatedbeverages, or near the alcohol.  It's usually next to the soda water.