Picture of How to Make Edible Glowing UV Reactive JELLO
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Watch the vid to see exactly how to make UV Reactive Jello. This looks great, but needs sugar.
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Step 1: Assemble Ingredients

Picture of Assemble Ingredients
You will need:
Jello packet (or no name gelatin dessert)
Tonic Water
Black Light (uv Light)
Pot (the kind you use to boil water)

Step 2: Make the Jello

Picture of Make the Jello
What to do:
Boil 1 cup of Tonic water
Pour boiling tonic water into a jello mould or bowl,
Sprinkle in Jello powder while mixing the hot tonic water, stir until all of the powder is dissolved
Add 2 tbs of sugar to sweeten (if desired)
Add 1 Cup of cold tonic water and mix briefly (1 or two stirs)
Put in fridge for 2 hours

When the jello has set you can take it out and it will glow under a black light.
This is due to the quinine in the tonic water (the stuff that makes it bitter)

Not only is this a great halloween treat, quinine has been used for years in medicine for some of its soothing properties... check out the wiki on it to get the full scoop.

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At Liberty7 years ago
Do not do this if you are pregnant. Quinine used to be used to induce abortions. Can't be good for the baby.
It would depend on the quantity wouldn't it? I mean, vitiman C is also a potential abortificant (and poisonous) in significant quantities. Tonic Water has no warning for pregnant women that I know of (except, don't mix it with gin).
If a lot of quinine could kill, a bit of it could harm. At least I wouldn't take the chance.

Vitamin C has no known contraindications.

It is not a potential abortion inducer, nor is it ever - at any time, in any amount - poisonous to a human being. A human can take vitamin C until bowel tolerance is reached. Then diarrhea takes place, eliminating the excess vitamin C. That is not to say that one should take umpteen thousand mg's of it while gestating. I would be careful with - a n y t h i n g - while preggers.
Interesting about taking large doses of quinine to induce abortion. Learn something new every day.

I would (politely) disagree that megadosing on vitamin C has no known contraindications (there are several here )

Vitamin C megadosing is a fairly well-known technique that was used when abortion was illegal, both in the USA and in New Zealand among others. Historically, it was used more like the morning after pill than RU-486. Not particularly effective, and certainly not safe, it shows what women chose over the alternative...
1. Wikipedia in an illegitimate source. At least as far as I am concerned. 2. Try Googling Bernard Rimland Vitamin C. You will find factual information there. A lot of the information may be in regards to the treatment of autism, but there should be additional information of the work he did with vitC in other areas. 3. I believe I stated that one should be extraordinarily cautious with whatever substance one is considering putting into one's body when said body contains a fetus. 4. I am sure women tried all sorts of horrendous methods of erasing the consequences of their actions before it became legal to pay someone else to murder the child in their womb. I doubt, with polite sincerity and the understanding that I could very well be mistaken in a few odd instances, that this was ever accomplished via vitamin C. 5. I should clarify something - If one is going to ingest "mega" doses of vitamin C, you will also need to implement ... I can't recall all of them - I believe E and magnesium... and possibly D, as the C will deplete those in the body. That could be seen as a 'contraindication'.
This is hardly the place to be promoting a fringe researcher like Rimland, whose wierd theories about vaccines & autism, for only one example, have been disproved by hundreds of researchers. Anyone considering following his strange ideas should Google up the opinions of the other 99% of the scientific world as well, to make an informed choice.
Balderdash. The scientific community usually riles against new ideas and theories that come against the already believed-to-be-true... until it gets off its arrogant horse and realizes that it could possibly (gasp) be mistaken. Those ideas usually come from what you refer to as "the fringe". God bless the fringe. Speaking from experience, Rimland's "wierd theories" are not as weird as you have chosen to believe. They have not been "disproven" by anyone. While, perhaps, mercury on its own does not spontaneously induce a spectrum disorder, if there is already a genetic propensity for autism, the mercury pushes the agenda significantly, if not over the edge. As for the rise in "ADHD" and the like - there ya go.
i love how a recipe for glowing jello (with clarification of which kind of pot to use and several comments about making glowing jelloshots) has turned into an all-out debate including Rimland, WikiPedia, and, as in all good debates, abortion. wow.
Just because you don't trust Wikipedia doesn't mean you shouldn't look at it at all.
Just read the references instead ;-)
27-46 apply -- and certainly these are reliable ;-)
Wikipedia is as or more accurate than britannica; a popular and very notable encyclopedia.

-- citation.

Although, I'm gonna have to go wtih At Liberty on the quinine thing, I suggest avoid it all together if you're pregnant.
Some people are deathly allergic to quinine, We are not allowed to use it in psychological research because of that.
Now that I did not know.

hairyconiption (author)  At Liberty7 years ago
Similarily green mangoes, (peel) seperate the fetus from the uterus...
Pot (the kind you use to boil water)

Shifrin7 years ago
Thats really cool, But where can i get a UV light???
its actully a black light can be bought off the internet or at places like walmart or k-mart
Any head shop should have black lights (UV lamps)...Well they did 25 years ago ;D All a black light is is a fluorescent lamp without the powder (Phosphorous?) on the inside of the glass. Any of those gift shops with the goofy t-shirts and the fake lottery tickets should have black lights. Be sure it is a fluorescent tube type lamp not a incandescent lamp with a deep purple tint to masquerade as a black light. Pet shops will sell them to use for finding dog pee on the carpet as well.
in black light the glass is black
Blacklight a misnomer.. the glass is actually a purple color. Also a blacklight is not actually a UV light. It does however give off some UV.
amadet7 years ago
I want to make this, but I'd like to turn it into jello shots. I know it sounds easy, but I'm afraid that adding vodka will make it not only taste worse, but the jello will be too...liquidy. Has anyone made decent jello shots from this?
slmh12967 years ago
This has given me a cool idea and I will try when I get some time. Put UV leds in a glass shining through the bottom into the cup then any drink with tonic water would glow. Any other edible liquids that glow? Be Warned UV L.E.D.S are dangerous research on own.
dipmix47 years ago
Concerning the health effects: According to wikipedia (which you should never trust) the quinine dose used in tonic water is %0.5 - %0.25 of that in therapeutic tonics...
kill3r7 years ago
Dude, that is totally awesome! I can't wait to try it...
relax man, this isn't the army! Nice instructable tho, worked well
thank you for clarifying the pot. LOL
conman7 years ago
This worked great for me. I made UV jello shots for a Halloween party. I used hot tonic water, then for cold I used vodka. Blue looked the best Yellow and orange were so-so but you could still tell they were glowing.
zero8387 years ago
thats awesome
this is going on my list of things to do at partys!!!
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
that is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is awesome! Do you have any sugegstions for how to make this into Jell-O shots? Maybe just replace half of the tonic water with alcohol? Would it still glow okay?
I did exactly this over the weekend for a Halloween party I went to. Replaced the cold tonic water with refrigerated vodka. Sadly it didn't really "glow" so much as "look strange" under blacklights. When the conditions were just right, they looked cool. But any non-blacklight leakage totally ruined the effect.
DId it taste okay? Because I made a batch with only tonic water and it tasted horrible... Maybe I'll stick with regular Jell-O shots... At least the little cups I have glow in the blacklight.
Yeah, all three batches I did tasted great. You could definitely taste the vodka, but I find that's a nice safety for them because then people actually *know* that they're strong and don't slurp down 20 and go to the hospital. I forgot to mention that I did follow the suggestion of putting a some sugar in to help balance out the tonic water. If you didn't try that, it might help out your results. And since there was only half the amount of tonic in mine as in the Instructable, I suppose it masked the tonic even better.
Okay, I will try adding sugar... And I bet that having less tonic water will help out the flavor a lot... About how much sugar did you add, and what size package of Jell-O did you use?
For each batch, I was using one of the larger (6oz?) boxes of jello, 2 cups of boiling tonic water, three heaping teaspoons of sugar, and 2 cups of vodka. I found that the sugar was harder to get to dissolve than the gelatin mix. What worked for me on batches 2 and 3 was to stir the sugar into the hot water before adding the jello mix. It seemed to dissolve easier that way.
Awesome. I'll give it a go Tomorrow :) Thanks for your help!
clydicus7 years ago
Is that a black light, or a UV light? I have a $10 black light, but I have also seem a much more expensive Ultra-violet light. My brother used to collect fluorescent rocks and minerals. The black light would reveal some fluorescents, but the UV light revealed many many more. The UV light could also damage your eyes if you looked into it....
hairyconiption (author)  clydicus7 years ago
Black light, I have no idea about an actual uv light.
Oh no!!! Does that mean my baby is going to die?...Oh, wait a minute, im a 12 year old boy!!!lol gr8 halloween trick!!! P.S. my msn address is add me people!
MCUman7 years ago
! ! ! MEDICAL WARNING ! ! ! If you or someone you know has had Rhumatic Fever as a child, or has Wolfe-Parkinsons-White Disorder (WPW) DO NOT serve them this desert. Quinine is DEADLY ! ! ! !
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