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Introduction: How to Make Egg Glow in the Dark

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Today for Easter I show you a simple trick to create a naked and bouncy egg that glows in the dark!

This experiment it's really easy to do and you need only few components

If You Want to see the video about this experiment click HERE or below:

Step 1: Components

You need only:




-Uv lamp (I use uv Led but you can find the normal bulb or fluorescent lamp like this)

Step 2: The Special Liquid

Fill the glass with vinegar and after cut the Highlighter for get the cartridge inside, now put the little cartridge of the highlighter in the glass with vinegard and leave it for 1 minute.

Squeeze very well the cartridge to remove all liquid inside

In my case I use Empty highlighter, but for make fast project you can use full highlighter

Step 3: Naked Egg

Leave the egg in Vinegar for 24 hour and after pull it out for wash under clean water, when touch the egg you can fell the egg became like rubber, this procedure is called osmosis

"Once the shell is off, the egg will get MUCH larger! This is due to osmosis – there is more water in the vinegar than in the egg. The water will diffuse from the area of high concentration (vinegar), into the area of low concentration (egg), across the membrane. Diffusion occurs until equilibrium occurs, (after that, exchange takes place at a steady rate)."


Step 4: Play With This Alien Egg

Now you only turn off the normal light, and turn on the uv lamp, the magic happens!

This experiment it's really funny and interesting, the children love this :D

Thank you for your attention, happy easter and vote my project if you liked.

A greeting by Ludvic



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no i do not need a black light

Does the egg become rotten after it rubberizes?

Hey does a black light work?

u stick it to the egg or eggs and the egg(s)will glow

u stick it to the egg or eggs and the egg(s)will glow

Good idea using this reactions with eggs. Thank you for instructable!

You're welcome! ;)