How to Make Electric Igniters From Christmas Lights





Introduction: How to Make Electric Igniters From Christmas Lights

How to make a quick and cheap ematch to fire displays for the coming year. The ematches used in this video were fired with a single AA battery.

Remember that a battery near an ematch is just as dangerous as an open flame near a fuse. When wiring a display be sure that all power sources are first disconnected from the firing board and all capacitors, if any, are discharged.

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This will work great for cheap igniters for model rockets. Thanks for the idea.
Would a few drops of candle wax work instead of the cotton?

Can you use it in a strand of lights to make a finally?

Also, if you have a minute I would really appreciate you voting for my firewire project in the make it glow contest!

I voted for both of them! Hope you win.

How much voltage?

Very cool! Another alternative is by using few centimeter of steel wool :)

it would be awesome if you used gun cotton.