How to Make European Style Paper Beads




Introduction: How to Make European Style Paper Beads

This is Part 1 of a two part tutorial in which I show you how to make European style paper beads from my templates. Part 2 (also on Instructables) shows how to finish the beads to take them from plain old paper to something very special.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What you will need:

Paper bead strips

A paper bead rolling tool

A glue stick.

Step 2: Watch the Video

Now all you need to do is watch the video and have a go yourself. There are links on my blog for people who want to know where to get supplies but, everything should be available online or at you local craft supplies store.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy making the European style paper beads. You can also find Part 2 of this tutorial, in which I show you how I finish my beads to give them the European look, here on Instructables.



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