video How to Make Exploding Targets for Nerf and Airsoft
This video demonstrates an easy and inexpensive way to make reusable exploding targets for airsoft and bb guns. They are very versatile and may even be used with slower moving projectiles such as nerf darts, though the mouse trap may damage them. The pulling trick fireworks used are safe and sane certified, and should be legal in most areas, though it is always best to check your local laws before purchasing.

Tools & Materials:
1 Large Paddle Mouse Trap
Pulling Trick Fireworks
Adhesive Putty
Orange Duct Tape
That is so cool
tf2enforcer2 years ago
I figures the way to make these into mines pulled by strings.
ceepERASH2 years ago
What's ur youtube channel
NightHawkInLight (author)  ceepERASH2 years ago
Thanks for asking! http://www.youtube.com/user/Nighthawkinlight