How to Make FM Receiver Using Arduino





Introduction: How to Make FM Receiver Using Arduino

Hey guys. Wan't to make something cool? Check this out.

In this video, we have given a brief demonstration of FM Receiver using Arduino. In this Instructable, we will show you how to make it step-by-step.

Let' get on with it.

Step 1: Components

1. Arduino

2. TEA5767 (FM Stereo Radio Module)

3. 16 X 2 LCD Display

4. 1 kΩ Potentiometer

5. Jumpers

6. Breadboard

7. Speaker, of course!

So once you have these, go for the circuit diagram.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Follow this circuit diagram. There is only one thing missing in this circuit.

The potentiometer that you will use, middle-pin will be connected to A1 pin of Arduino, either side of potentiometer will be connected to VCC and rest one to the GND. Rotating the potentiometer will help us to set the frequency the channel (Check the video).

Step 3: Upload the Code

Also you need to make the TEA5767 Radio Module like this (shown in image) so that it will be easy for you to work.

The code is given in the description of the video. Do check it out.

Step 4: Show Time!

You are almost done. Just connect the Audio Output pin of TEA5767 with the positive terminal of Speaker as shown in circuit diagram.

Power the Arduino from Computer or Adapter.

Your circuit is ready. Tune to your favorite channel and enjoy the music. :D

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    I was just wondering where the code for this was, I cant find it in the video description. Really nice Instructable though, I'm trying to make the same.

    Awesome, thank so much for the quick reply, I'll post how it turns out.


    I'm having an issue of tuner sensitivity, I'm using a 1k pot as the tuner and it wants to fluctuate i.e. between 88.3 and 88.4. Any ideas? Other than that it sounds pretty good. Great Job again!

    Can this be done with Arduino Nano v3 instead UNO?

    Nicely done! Keep it up.

    I have also made this
    Simle Fm radio with easy to find parts;

    We know. We commented on your Instructables. :D

    Thank you. We will improve more on videos and Instructables posts. :) Stay tuned.