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Custom fabric buttons are easy to make and kits are commonly sold in all major fabric stores, sewing supply companies, and Wal-Mart for $3-5. You can also buy them online.

We used a lovely kit for ours made by Armommy which is a basic fat quarter. You can make your own by tracing out 1 1/2-2 1/2 inches each on any fabric of your choice. The white plastic guide is included in your kit.

You will need:

scrap fabric
metal blanks
plastic press and form (white and blue pieces)

Step 1: Cut Out Fabric

Picture of Cut Out Fabric
Since the fabric is what's going to be the most important part of the button, that should be gathered first. These were all base patterns printed out from ther Armommy pattern set. You could technically make them from everything, like an old AC/DC shirt or a hand-me-down set of pants.

Each button kit should have a rough size for you to cut out. One inch, one and a half inches, three inches; something along those lines. Cut out a circle, or rough circle, of that size.
mclare502 years ago
I love the anchor and polka dot ones!! Very nice job!!!;)
Haus Page (author)  mclare502 years ago
Thanks so much! My wife is looking for an excuse to barbecue to wear them. For me grilling is enough of an excuse in and of itself.