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Introduction: How to Make Fake Ammunition

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In this instructable I'll be showing you how to make fake ammunition(bullets) for next to nothing.Lets begin.


  - 1/4" socket 
  -cheap pen
  -earbud piece 
  -hot glue
  -gold and bronze spray paint

Step 1: The Shell

    To begin take the earbud piece (pic 1) and fold the part that goes in your ear outwards. (pic 2) Once you have done this stick the part that is blue in the pic in to the back of the 1/4" socket.(pic 3) Now fold the flap sticking out over the back of the socket.(pic 4)
    Now that you've done all this take this little guy outside and spray paint it gold.

Step 2: The Projectile

   Now to the projectile.Take out your cheap pen.(pic 1) Now what idid was i just used my teeth to pull out the end of the pen.(pic 2)
    Take the tip of the pen and sand down the bottom a bit.(pic 3) Sray paint the tip of the pin bronze and your ready to put the bullet together.

Step 3: Assembly

Now simply put it together.Use some hot glue to keep the projectile in place and your done!

Step 4: Tips


-You could spray paint the whole thing black
-Use something different than an earbud
-Make it smaller using something other than a socket

   I hope you enjoy this and have fun!



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    cool! I've actually been looking for how to do this. thanks!

    2 replies

    You are very welcome glad I could help

    Nice, whats the shotgun in the backround
    Did you make it or buy it?

    2 replies

    i bought that one but i will be posting a ible' on making a sniper rifle that you can take apart!