How to Make Fancy Resin Flower Earrings Within 5 Minutes





Introduction: How to Make Fancy Resin Flower Earrings Within 5 Minutes

The below picture shows us a pair of super simple diy flower dangle earrings. They are made of resin flowers, gemstones, pearl beads and some iron findings.

Step 1: Supplies Needed in Making These Resin Flower Earrings:

14x8MM Resin Flower Cabochons

Butterfly Iron Findings

21x11x10MM Gemstone Pendants

8MM White Glass Pearl Beads

Silver Earring Hooks

40MM Eyepins

Round Nose Plier

Step 2: How to Make These Resin Flower Earrings:

1st, slide a 8mm white glass pearl bead and a 14*8mm resin flower cabochon onto an 40mm eyepin;

2nd, use the round nose plier to make a small loop on the eyepin and then attach an earring hook to it;

3rd, attach a gemstone pendant to another end of the eyepin;

4th, attach a butterfly iron finding to this end of the eyepin;5th, in the same way, make another earring.

Step 3: This Is the Final Look of the Pink Flower Earrings. Do You Like Them?

Making this pair of simple diy earrings is really convenient, right? But besides this, they still look breathtakingly beautiful. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to start out on this kind of easy jewelry designs. At last, thank you for reading this tutorial and hope you like it.



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Very feminine, appropriate for all ages and easy enough for any age to make. Cabochons usually don't have holes in them - will have to research these. (My resin flowers are glue-ons with no holes which would require a different earring finding.) The gemstones really dress up the butterflies and flowers!

The only change I'd make is using lever-back ear wires, they don't easily fall off the earlobe.

Great idea, thanks for sharing!