Very simple way to make metallic feather with basic dremel accessories.

I used old teaspoon handles, wich are left overs from earlier pendant projects.

Video shows the whole process.

<p>I bought a fancy Dremel (with lots of points, tips or bits or whatever) so I could make beads and bangles, but never used my Dremel for more than trimming dog claws. After seeing these beautiful, creatively-crafted feathers, I'm really motivated to move out of my comfort zone. Thanks so much!</p>
<p>so what is the material you are plating the spoon with to give color to the bottom of the feathers?</p>
Nothing more than heat.<br><br>Stainless steel comes blue when heatrd to 540-600 of celsius.
I love the creativity of this... I will definitely be giving it a shot. Thanks!
You're welcome. Thanks for checking it out.

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