Step 3:

Fold the bundle in half and wrap the yarn around the new little ball. 
<p>thanks....I have wondered how to do this...now I won't have to pay for dryer sheets !,!</p><p>And I will be helping the world...great idea</p>
<p>I made some of these and I've put them through the washer &amp; dryer about 5 times so far and they don't appear to be felting at all. I used a piece of an old wool sweater and used 100% lambs wool yarn wound around it to created a ball. What am I doing wrong?</p>
<p>Great Content on making wool dryer balls. I have been using wool dryer balls for a while now. I have found these dryer balls recently and they are doing a amazing job. check these out too you guys might like them</p><p>www.woondryerballs.com</p>
GREAT way to use up random wool yarn in my stash. Thanks for the idea!
oh this is nice.
Fantastic! I just learned about these and am excited to try them.
Let me know What you think. Thanks for looking.

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