How to Make Ferrofluid With Iron Oxide

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Introduction: How to Make Ferrofluid With Iron Oxide

What is ferrofluid here is a link to Wikipedia on what it is.

I am going to show you 2 ways to make ferrofluid with iron oxide


Iron Oxide
Oil ( I used motor oil but most works)
Magnet (Preferably Strong)
Sealent or blue rtv

Step 1: Dry Ferrofluid

Put the iron oxide in a jar or test tube exc.

Step 2: Add Water

add water. fill to about the top

Step 3: Seal and Play

Seal the lid with a sealant i used Blue Rtv. Put a ring around the seal and put on lid. That's all your all done just bring your magnet near the side and watch as the iron oxide turns from a blob to a pokey blob.

Step 4: How to Make Ferrofluid With Oil

This is another way you can make ferrofluid using oil. First put some motor oil in a cup or dish.

Step 5: Add Iron Oxide

Add the iron oxide. If you want it to keep its shape after you move the magnet away make it thicker than i did.

Step 6: Enjoy

You can now play with your ferrofluid freely.

CAUTION it is extremely messy and should be treated accordingly.

This is my first instructable please leave constructive and helpful comments.
I will have pictures of it when a magnet is near soon.



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just thinking I might be completely wrong but wouldn't iron fillings be better as they are more magnetic

If they are more magnetic it would be nice but if it is chunky and doesn't mix well it wont work.

It's probably less chunky than iron oxide or at least in my experience you can also find it easily with a magnet in a bag and by dragging the magnet in the bag across a workshop floor.

Ferrofluids are would of the most fun science toys. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome.