Step 5: Primer & Paint

Now you can start to Paint!

Using a spray primer, evenly coat the eyelids with a layer or 2. Lightly sand down any imperfections when it's dry.

Spray on the color of your choice.

Let these dry over night. If you want extra protection, you can apply a clear coat.

Using 3M double sided tape, I placed a few pieces on the backside. Two on the top edge, two on the front, and a small sliver near the corner by the fender.
<p>Your instructions were phenomenally written, my friend! I made some for my '94 Subaru Legacy and it looks MEAN. </p>
What kind of car was that?
Lol, yeh it's a 2001 Galant. I'm glad that front end made you question it... exactly what I was going for. I made that grille too, but I never made an instructable or anything for it. Just a chopped / fiberglassed OEM grille, made to mimic the Japanese style galants.
its actually really cool. i love it. looks way better than the oem grill ive seen.
staring at it straight on it looks like something different.... but from quarter panel it screams Galant.... lol I drive a lancer.
You car looks as though it is sticking its tongue out. I thought this was probably important to mention.
Funny I kina feel the same when a look at it
LoL, very random. But thanks? I had the plate there bc I could take it off quickly when I wasn't in the city. I liked the clean bumper look better, but they ticket hard about that in Chicago. I no longer have that car btw.
Nice details, definitely going to do this!

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