Just be careful and have fun!!!

(update 7/23/09 ) Im so lazy and havent posted an instructable yet but some one did!!!

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<p>The tick is the boiling point of the burn-fluid. Alcohol has about 70&deg;C you will feel very uncomfortable at 50&deg;C. So lighter fluid is good, even better would be ether.</p>
Do you think whte gas would work?
<p>come on teahch my little broth thats smart</p>
dude i tried this 4 times and burnt myself every time. how do you not make it burn you.
<p>Squeeze out the extra rubbing alcohol and make sure your hands don't have any on them.</p>
I put one of these in a catapult i made and it was awesome!!!!!
can you use charcoal lighter
I would think so... a flame is a flame...
o sorry i thought u ment like a fire wood lighter opposed to something like a cigertte lighter.... not the actual flamable liquid.... <br>
no it hurts i tryed
one thing come to mind when watching this: DOGEBALL!!!!
or hacky sack.
DOGEBALL!!!! with sling-shots<br /> they are&nbsp;cotton balls it wont hurt but it will be fun
Its spelled Dodge ball but other than that, yep, it would be pretty cool.
What kind of lighter fuel do i need
What kind of lighter fuel do i need
cool, interesting, unusual.
too much cool
I did it man! Fun Stuff!
I just did this, and it is AMAZING!! THANKS!!!!!!
FIrst off, YES on dodgeball, that would be awesome.<br><br>Also, I think part of the reason his hands don't get burned is the properties of the butane itself. At room temp, it's a gas. (Which, incidentally, is why a bic lighter works: the butane is compressed as a liquid, but expands to a gas when you open the valve.) Warmed by your hand, and of course by the flames, it shoots out of the ball more quickly. Right around the ball, it can't mix properly with the oxygen in the air, so it burns just a bit around the edges, but as it drifts upward, it gets to the right mixture, and ignites, resulting in that nice bright flame that we see.<br><br>Something with a lower boiling point (gasoline perhaps) would release more slowly, and burn closer to the ball, and give you a great story to tell the paramedics.<br><br>You can see this in effect burning a bowl of gasoline vs burning wood; with burning wood, the base of the flame stays pretty close to, if not on, the wood, but the flames from burning gasoline dance above the surface as gas rises, mixes, and ignites. (It looks amazing in a pumpkin, just throwing that out there.)<br><br>Great instructable, I plan to try this out this winter when I can't burn down half the county. :-)<br><br>
could i use a cotton ball instead of cotton cloth<br /> ????????????????????????????????????
&nbsp;the cotton would burn after the alcohol was gone&nbsp;
i only have two ideas for these, 1. juggling 2. and making them bigger ....... *will doing that effect it in any way, except making a huge flame?
it will leak over your hands, thus burning them to crispy meatchunks.<br />
i even tried numbing my hand w/ ice and it still hurt like a mother and now parts of my hand are brownish but don't hurt - weird it was totally worth it though any tips on improvement?
thats because if you cool your hands then rapidly heat them it will give you heat pains try covering your hands in wax
I'm sorry but covering your hand in wax is dumb because wax will burn or it will melt and then not help
molten wax is hot, but it wont burn your skin.<br /> fire will.<br /> hair gel works, some lotion, and probably wetting your hands won't hurt either.<br />
wax will provide a little bit of protection but will melt and then harden again.
can we use petrol?????????????
i would just stick to the book, but go wild! try it! maybe lose a hand or 2, but at least you know the do's and don'ts!<br />
wow,this worked,but mine didnt work,mine just kept on burning my hand(i did use cotton).<br />
you may have used to mauch fuel<br /> the trick is keep the ball moving you can see it lights his hand on fire too
Seems quite obvious to me that&nbsp; it does not&nbsp; hurt because the fuel is vaporizing at the bottom.<br /> This cancels the heat irradiation since vaporizing soaks thousands of times more energy than to just heat something up a fair amount at the same physical state.<br />
hi bingo115(claus) its me dreistein(tristan)
you know if you are afraid of getting burnt you are probaly smart enough not <br /> to not try this haha
these are&nbsp;so sick! i better do this soon!
I'm thinking juggling!
Me 2!!!!
no ones mentioned this and hopefully this is somewhat accurate but I think a big part of how this works is that where the ball is touching your hand theres no fire/no air and where it starts to burn on its lowerside has a bit of distance from your hand and the fire goes strait up so your isolated from the heat of it pretty well
theas are awsom lookin forward to making some !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:
it won't hurt my hands right?
Hey does any one knows how to make tiny text???
Doesn't it hurt when you close your hands to put out the fire. At one point, you are touching the orange/yellow part of the flame.
Also, no it doesn't hurt at all when you close up the flame.

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