How to Make Fire Balls! Really Cool!





Introduction: How to Make Fire Balls! Really Cool!

Just be careful and have fun!!!

(update 7/23/09 ) Im so lazy and havent posted an instructable yet but some one did!!!

so CLICK HERE to saw the instructable!!!



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    The tick is the boiling point of the burn-fluid. Alcohol has about 70°C you will feel very uncomfortable at 50°C. So lighter fluid is good, even better would be ether.

    Do you think whte gas would work?

    come on teahch my little broth thats smart

    dude i tried this 4 times and burnt myself every time. how do you not make it burn you.

    Squeeze out the extra rubbing alcohol and make sure your hands don't have any on them.

    I put one of these in a catapult i made and it was awesome!!!!!

    OK I'm tired of people saying that the blue part isn't the hottest part I'm a science teacher and i did this project for a class one day, anyway the fire temperatures go like this
    Orange = coolest
    Red = next coolest
    Blue = next coolest (hotter than red or orange)
    Green = next hottest (hotter than blue)
    Any color In between blue and white pretty hot
    WHITE = DON'T TOUCH ANY WHITE FIRE NO IM NOT TALKING ABOUT CLEAR FIR IM TALKING ABOUT WHITE IT IS HOT ENOUGH TO MELT STEEL WITHIN 4 SECONDS. the reason you can touch the bottom is because the fire burns up and plus the fumes from the lighter fuel is going up it is way less hotter down there because there is not a lot of flame down there

    gee, a 17-year old science teacher!
    it's ok to tell people what you know, but you don't have to lie (unless you really are a 17-year old science teacher...)
    anyway, here's some info on fire colors:

    -barely visible: about 500'C (975'F)
    -Cherry-ish color, visible, but slightly dull: about 850'C(1550'F)
    -Bright: about 1000'C (1850'F)

    -deep orange: about 1100'C(2010'F)
    -clear orange: about  1200'C(2200'F)

    blue and green are other types of combustion, usually giving off about the temperature of a white-ish flame (1350'C(2400'F)(most gas-based fires tend to give a blue flame, green flames are mostly made by adding fine copperdust to the fuel, though there are some materials that burn green.)

    -White-ish: about 1350'C(2400'F)
    -Bright: about 1500'C(2700'F)
    -Dazzling/roaring(the other white flames will probably roar too, but you will hear the difference): about 2000'C(3000'F)

    the transfer from Celsius to Fahrenheit is not accurate, since i didn't use a tool to convert it.

    anyway, the reason your hand doesn't burn is because the temperature the cloth gets at the bottom is around 100'C.
    This sounds like alot, but the combination of a lack of heat conductors under the flame, combined with constantly moving the ball makes your hand stay cool.

    Hope this helped.

    Ok.... So many people have not stated the most basic and obvious thing. The burning temperature of cotton is really low...

    the cotton isn't burning, the fumes are. as soon as the lighter fluid runs out, the flame dies and your cotton will be in the same condition as before.