How to Make Fireworks With Marshmallows?!





Introduction: How to Make Fireworks With Marshmallows?!

An interesting technique I invented for binding a sparkler. A good simple firework for the backyard pyrotechnic. Building fireworks is legal federally, but be sure to check your local laws before constructing any firework.

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The composition used in this video:

Potassium Nitrate - 6
Granular Magnesium - 4
Charcoal - 1

It is possible that course aluminum could be substituted for the Mg. Many other compositions are also able to be bound with this method.

I am in the process of building a website! Here is what I have so far:



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    All your instructables are amazing!!!!!!!! Can you hold the sparkler in your hand?????????????????????????

    Aron, the 'safe' trick is to always hold the 'sparkler' in someone else's hand......have a great 4th. jim

    Thanks! You can hold them in your hand, but it burns VERY hot. I would suggest wearing a leather glove and closed shoes in case sparks fall.

    BRAVO NHL! jk

    hello "NightHawkInLight"
    I'm mohammad from IRAN, I know english a little
    a sample firework simulation with FWsim 2
    mixing iranian National Anthem with firework to show
    i made it with fwsim 2 & ulead media studio 8
    you can to see it in this address :

    less of a sparkler more like a flare

    Do you think you could use this for stars too?

    This is totally awesome. Keep up the good work!