Picture of How to Make Fireworks
There are many types of fireworks, where one of the most common in firework displays is the aerial shell. The aerial shell is used in fireworks displays, and can be either a round or a cylindrical shape. These aerial shells are loaded into tubes, called "mortars." Once lit, the aerial shell will fly into the air and once the aerial shell is at the higest point (apogee), it will explode and shoot pyrotechnic stars in all directions.

In this instructable I will be talking about the procedure of assembling a round aerial shell.
Note: I do NOT recommend the average person to try this! This will be illegal to do without licensence in many cases, it is on your own response wether you do this legally or not.
When working with fireworks it is very important to use proper safety gear while making. It is recommended to wear faceshield or safety goggles during the making. While making the shell, one should do it away from heat souces, such as candles, cigarettes, stoves etc.

If I somehow throw around with a lot of foreign words or have any questions, feel free to ask me.

First, let's see what a typical round aerial shell looks like:
aod6262 months ago
I got shell that was dud last year is it possible to refuse the shell
jvoga2 months ago

Random note- making fireworks for personal use is completely LEGAL without a FEL (federal explosives license) as long as its for personal use and you do not transport them on any road ways.

Sweet project ! I've been studying to be a pyrotechnician and love making fireworks at home to learn more. Thanks for the experience !

OpportunityR7 months ago

nice wow amsome

Kevin Lincoln8 months ago
this is awesome but if u mix ammonium nitrate with aluminum powder Then
Mr. Tinker5 years ago
I've just stumbled onto this site through GOOGLE so I am using the free version for now. My new interest is producing my own fireworks and it appears I can benefit from the knowledge available on this site. I am an avid outdoorsman and am quite familiar with the safety issues involved in handling explosive materials as I have for a long time loaded my own ammo. Having a pound or two of nitro powder at my fingers is not unusual. Furthermore I can recall my father using true dynamite (ditching) to clear land/beaver dams on the farm and having me assist to various degrees. 
That being said, I am interested to learn how to produce "bottle rockets" and devices similar  to what is known as a "mortar" at the local fireworks stand.  I believe that would be enough to start.
Any suggestions on how to begin?
Oh, I am a mechanical tradesman, so such items as steel pipes (for launching purposes I would assume) and other related materials are readily available. I would think steel more reliable than cardboard tubes.
Please knowledgeably advise.

I highly recommend that you go to skylighter.com if you are serious about learning to make fireworks. As an alternative, for a fee, you can join fireworking.com where you will find both instructional material as well as a forum in which to ask questions. To start, however, your best bet is skylighter.com. Not only are the various projects fully described, but many of them have video imbedded so that you can actually see what you have read being done by a skilled pyro maker. As a bonus, skylighter has kits for some of the projects and a huge inventory of pyro supplies. In my opinion, either site I have mentioned will provide you with more adequate information than can be found here.

pudi.dk (author)  Mr. Tinker5 years ago
Regarding the bottle rockets, there is a good tutorial for those here:
The method is the same for bigger rockets, except one might use a hydraulic press to press them instead of ramming (3/4" or bigger).
The so called mortars are also described in this instructable.They are not devices themselves, but rather works as the canon to guide the aerial shell upwards.
I'm not exactly sure what you mean with the "colorful balls", but it sounds like aerial shells with colored stars instead of golden/charcoal that is described here. Colors are a bit harder to achieve and you will need to buy some more chemicals. Low cost and easy preparation makes charcoal stars ideal for beginners.

You could head to skylighter.com for materials as well as tools, and if you look in their newsletter archive, you should find a number of articles that explains constructions and formulas for various firework items.
Thanks for your response, I will go investigate the sites you've given. I believe my terminology was incorrect and the "colorful balls" I spoke of are what you have named as "stars". You know, when "it" goes up into the air and explodes into a flurry of little fireballs like would come from a roman candle.
If adding color is more difficult as you stated, then I will start with the simple stuff.
Thanks again for your help.
Mr. Tinker.

Rebreg1 year ago

where might someone get the licensing to make fireworks

JamesV2 Rebreg1 year ago

You DO need a license (Permit) to manufacture "Flash Powder" fireworks (The "Good Stuff" as in "Chest Thumper") The permit may be obtained from (in the United States) the "BATF&E" for $150 and is valid for 3 years. And don't forget, anything that you buy "Online" is leaving a "Footprint" ("They" know who you are).

You don't need licensing to make your own fireworks except in some states. You can order the supplies to make fireworks online.

battlebomb2 years ago
How much would it cost to make a 2" complete shell. Stars,lift ect. Thanks for any answers

i would estimate around $60-$70 but that will make at least 2-3 dozen

n1cod3mus1 year ago

video is dead, the link is dead

When a firework misfires and blows in the mortar PVC and fiberglass shards will go flying. When those pieces fly into a person they do not show up on an x-ray. A better product to use is black HDPE pipe. It is plastic enough to stretch out paper thin before it burst. When it does burst, the shards are like flying paper and loose velocity incredibly fast.
Kitboga2 years ago
This is a nice article! I am going to try this out this weekend!
I've found quite a few other resources about how to make fireworks at howtomakefireworks.org. It's a nice little website with a lot of good information.
AlanCain2 years ago
Please do not confuse flash powder with flash paper or gun cotton; the latter two have dramatic appearance but are not particularly risky. Flash powder is made with a powdered metal and a good oxidizer and can kill your young behind as it has others; it can self-detonate when ignited in quantities of 50 grams and can easily ignite. It takes pounds of gunpowder to self-detonate compared to a few ounces of flash. Please don't mess with it. Professionals use serious precautions when using flash powder, and most just don't. There are too many safer (relative term) alternatives for burst or lift charges. Black powder or gun powder are far better.
msh13532 years ago
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sxcgreekboi2 years ago
bro u ROCK!
tonroh172 years ago
u r epic at dis
connor hall2 years ago
why don't you go on to minecraft and build one?
How much did you use in the lift charge
incicitayfa2 years ago
yinyumi2 years ago
Can we buy the materials @Sams or Radioshack or any some place like a lumberyard? or what place can we buy it that is not from the internet??
What are "stars"?
920335 years ago
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the act in question happened right before the Gulf War
The act of putting saltpeter in the food at Military boot camps is now illegal. The act rendered someone sterile and the Army was quickly sued thereafter. So, sorry new guys, get ready for some sexual tension!! >:D
lol. prior service? you nailed it though.
@ArticNemo: good post, amazing how maliciously ignorant some people are.
@ArcticNemo: Thumbs-up! Fight the BS! @pudidotdk: Great Instructable! I'll probably never make one, but it was a well-presented, interesting read. Thanks!
.....I must be immune to it, I guess. It didn't work on me. About six weeks in, it was driving me crazy.
where are you getting all the materials from?
kclarke44 years ago
would it work ok if you made your own time fuse
fellbaum4 years ago
if i made this i would modify the steps because me being paranoid i would not want to use a hot glue gun due to the fact that the metal tip is hot an thus may cause it to prematurely explode, i would use a different glue or use the paper mache method previously stated in step four.
baseball055 years ago
What happens if i just fill a 3 inch shell with flash powder, and use flash powder as a lift charge?
You kill yourself and everyone else around you.
i don't think so! every thing you have to run , probably has a spicial danger. just take care of your math!
I don't know about flash powder, but flash paper and flash cotton are what is generally used for indoor pyrotechnic displays as they produce less explosive force and little or no smoke. It should be safe, but you should be sure to have something solid to stand behind,and a lack of valuable objects nearby when you're testing it and good fire-suppression.
cpruitt14 years ago
this may sound stupid, but what is the benefit of the rising comet? what does it do?
as said on page one (i belive) the rising comet will catch fire when the lifting charge is ignited, and will act like a tracer round for a gun, marking the trail of the mortar shell through the air.
ashreeve4 years ago
Sorry new at this and i am confused about the line "insert a piece of visco fuse it" could you clarify?
CrLz4 years ago
Fascinating Ible! Awesome!
ct_brown4 years ago
I am writing a research paper for my chemistry class and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make patters like stars and hearts with fireworks
then ct_brown4 years ago
pack them just right
Another thing, if you aren't already isolated, i suggest moving before doing this. If you set off that stuff...
xorineo4 years ago
Man that looks so good and professional made! I am also a fireworks enthusiast! I have also a website to share my passion: http://howtomake-fireworks.com/
projectguy4 years ago
Just saying, pyrocreations.com is a good place to buy fuse and other supplies.
rayrayell144 years ago
this is pretty awesome im gonna try and make it wit my cuzins and my little 8 year old sister
noahh8 years ago
How much will this cost?
PyroJon noahh8 years ago
It will cost you about 20 years, if you are caught doing this sort of thing in the US. You need to be licensed both locally and federally and if caught with the means of making fireworks you are likely to be charged as a terrorist and branded a bomb maker for life. Of course these things CAN kill you and others if you don't know what you are doing. This set of instructions are very basic and while all of the steps are presented some very important details are omitted, this should not be undertaken by amatures, leave it up to the trained professionals.
dagabu PyroJon6 years ago
Blah, blah, blah.... Hobbiest fireworks CAN be made at home without any interference from the BATFE. The problem comes with firing them off, storing them overnight and transporting them. Join a pyrotechnics club, get your type 54 license from the BATFE, Join the PGI, come to convention and enjoy. I get tired of all of the naysayers and pundits, plus you can make and shoot all of the fire works your state and city say you can shoot so if you are able to shoot all consumer fireworks in your area, go ahead and make the shells 1.75" and below, NO salutes and talk to your neighbors. BOOM!
No kidding, you can build a machine gun with the appropriate licenses in the USA
Actually you cannot legally build a new machine gun with the "appropriate" licenses. There is a manufacturing date cutoff. Anything fashioned into a machine gun after that date is considered "new" and thus cannot be obtained by the "appropriate" license. Indeed with the proper background check and federal tax stamp you may obtain a full auto machine gun that was manufactured prior to the aforementioned cutoff date.
Class seven FFL and payment of the SOT tax you can become a legal manufacturer of Machine Guns. These are not transferable to Joe Citizen though, only to Police, Military and other Class 7 FFL's. It can still be done but once you surrender the Class 7 FFL you must surrender the MG or destroy it. These are called "Post Dealer Samples". Colt has this sort of paperwork to continue building M16's for our forces and foreign sales.

None for us peons though.
The difference is that you can make class b (1.3g) fireworks at home without breaking the law... Its just the transportation and storage that gets you i trouble. Boom!
lugh23s dagabu6 years ago
So in order to get the same effect of a larger shell can I legally put in flash powder instead to stay within the 1.75" requirement?
dagabu lugh23s6 years ago
Flash is a whole other subject. Flash is considered by all practical purposes a high explosive even though it does not deflagrate as would C-4. A 1.75" shell is considered a consumer shell. It may incorporate a report of no more than 130 milligrams of flash per aerial shell. "As far as the BATFE is concerned, it is legal to manufacture pyrotechnic devices as long as such devices and any remaining mixed chemical compositions are ignited that day - ie, not put into overnight storage (unless you are using an approved explosives storage magazine). Your state, county, and city laws may be (and likely are) much more restrictive, and may require manufacturing licenses and any sort of manufacturing to take place in special compounds. If you are interested in making fireworks, it is highly recommended that you fully investigate and understand your local laws."
lugh23s dagabu6 years ago
ok so what if it takes me more than a day to make is that the same as overnight storage?
dagabu lugh23s6 years ago
Midnight is the line according to some agents. It will vary from agent to agent, some say at the end of a normal day such as 6PM, others are OK with 10 PM. But yes, your in bed, it must be in a magazine. No flash unless you are licensed, cops don't know the orange book and don't care, explosives are explosives as far as they are concerned.
mrdepo96 dagabu6 years ago
what does the type 54 license allow you to do?
dagabu mrdepo966 years ago
I guess we're lucky that the internet reaches countries other than terrorism paranoid America.
My Good Sir;

If your loved ones were suddenly destroyed by the acts of a group that hated you simply because you are who you are, repeatedly, would you not have concern? They simply do not have the technology to reach where you are, otherwise you and your mates would be in the same boat with us.
God Bless, Friend.
In reality, the attacks are not happening because of who we are, but because of what our governments do on our behalf. Of course, to ask WHY something happens is perversely seen as justifying it, but really, that's not the case; it's just a sensible question to ask.

For many, many years there was a continuous (and very much *real*) threat of bombings (I refuse, point blank, to call them terror attacks - an emotive term used to cook up unwarranted fear in the public) from the IRA in mainland Britain and in Northern Ireland. At no point were they called terror attacks and, for the most part, the were not used as an excuse to drum up mindless patriotism or to bring in draconian reductions in liberty.

The simple facts of the matter are that the terrorists currently active (in a shockingly low-scale way) are not attacking because of who we are; and that we (on the whole) have become insanely paranoid about it with no just cause whatsoever... mainly thanks to hysterical media outlets and governments keen to capitalise on freak events in order to further the overriding cause of all governments... control of the people through fear.

As for not having the technology to reach... the USA is about as far as it's possible to get from the middle east. If terrorists from that part of the world can reach the USA, they can reach everyone. Also note, technology didn't really come into it. They checked in as passengers and hijacked with knives. That's about as low tech as it gets.

The hard and brutal truth is that before 9/11 the USA, for the most part, was a very, very long way from terrorism whereas the rest of the world (ETA in Spain, IRA and UVF in the UK and Éire and many more besides) has a history of the same. It's new and shocking to many Americans, and far less so to the rest of us.
All said I love the States and the attitude of most of its inhabitants, so please don't take that as a dig, it really isn't. It's just a comment on the history of terrorism in places like Europe contrasted with that in the USA. There's no value judgment being made here.

If you can't accept what I've said, consider this... What were the three targets on 11th September 2001?
World Trade Centre (symbol of how America effectively runs the world's financial system)
Pentagon (symbol of America's military)
White House or Capitol (symbol of the government - that plane never reached its target, obviously)

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I can't help thinking that looking at what the targets were and why the attacks took place should make it all easier to reconcile with things like basic common sense and what is really happening in the word.

I had intended this to be a brief response, but really, it's not something that can be explained in brief without sounding off the cuff.

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Rest easy, you're not the target of the ones you fear... but maybe you fear the wrong ones.

God bless, Friend.
Really has nothing to do with terrorism, this scale of fireworks has been illegal for decades. The reason is that there's a large overlap between people who do this and morons who don't realize that these are powerful explosives. Just this year some complete bonehead woman decided to look down a 4 inch mortar to see why it hadn't fired. Her fiance and young son got to see her headless body drop to the ground a second later. I'm all for responsible people having fun, and I personally have indulged in a bit of this sort of thing myself, and I'm not sure that government should be trying to stop morons from selecting themselves out of the gene pool. But there are good reasons for control without invoking terrorism.
I do have to agree with you on your point of “natural selection”. And yes a hand full of mentally challenged people is ALWAYS the Government’s excuse to implement more and more restrictions on the normal person. It does not matter where you are a citizen in the world we are and always will be enslaved by governments, most probably for our own protection. I for one do see the irony in people giving information but not all the inn’s and out’s, Then say “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, for you do not everything” I have to admit that I myself have done some stupid things in my life, things that give me the creeps till today. But it could be put down that I needed to do these things in secret and behind closed doors. This is just my thoughts and I will have to advise you to “think independently from the good opinions of others”
although i am aware that many people are killed an injured every year by fireworks, i highly doubt the woman you mention was decapitated (it takes quite a bit to fully be-head a human). And further more people die as a result of their own stupidity every day. maybe if said women hadnt died how she did (as a result of her stupidity) she wouldve taken people with her in a car accident. All im saying is none of us are omnipotent....so why act like we have all answers?
I would expect this kind of comment on Digg or reddit but not here. "paranoid" suggests an excessive concern that is not warranted. USS Cole, WTC Bombing and most certainly 9/11 would prove your comment misplaced. PyroJohn is incorrect, there are some statutes in the US in some areas (not all) that would label you a criminal for making unlicensed fireworks and land you a fine (or if selling them some jailtime), but they would not label you a terrorist, unless of course you were making a 500 pound "firework" for "personal" use. I for one, am glad I live in a state where my neighbor can't make his own "fireworks" and burn down my house with instructions from a website.
Yeah, the completely unconstitutional Patriot Act is great. Ever heard the expression "Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean people aren't trying to kill me"? There's warranted paranoia but it's still paranoia.
u ssccaarree me!
Rishnai gormly7 years ago
Or if the DA or prosecutor took a real dislike to you. It's been known to happen. Then you might get more than a simple fireworks charge.
We are, ste, we really, REALLY are.
It CAN, but, the chance of it killing you,... is very small, what "Very important steps are omitted"?
I would guess its the sorts of small but important tips that one generally only picks up when learning face-to-face.
Helter PyroJon8 years ago
I'm pretty sure that you're incorrect in that PyroJon. As long as you're not planning on transporting the explosives across state lines, giving them to someone else, or using them in a professional display, you should be perfectly fine with making your own fireworks for immediate use.
rjogden Helter7 years ago
Nope. ATF says you can't transport on public roads w/o a license. Also you need legal storage for anything you make and keep without shoting immediately. The storage magazine must be a minimum of 150 feet from roads, railways and dwellings (including your own house). It must be constructed according to ATF regs, which are very stringent. Do a google search on ATF ORANGE BOOK. And that's just Federal regs. Your state/local regs can be a LOT stricter. -Rich (ATF Display Operator permit holder)
Helter rjogden7 years ago
I've read the Orange book, by my reading it only regulates 1) interstate transportation and 2) commercial transportation.
If you're not transporting for commercial purposes, and not transporting across state lines, you should be fine with your standard HAZMAT endorsement as required by your state DOT.
Storage requirements only apply if you intend to *store* the materials (note that I said "for immediate use").
If you're just building the devices for same day personal use, you really should be fine. I've been doing this for a while, and have never heard of a conscientious pyro getting any trouble for their hobby.

I'm not familiar with an ATF Display Operator Permit. I have display operator permits/certifications from NYC, PA (through my company), NJ, AZ, and DE, but have never heard of a federal operator permit. Can you provide a link so that I can get more information about it?
rjogden Helter7 years ago
The ruling regarding transportation on public roads has actually been in effect (but not vigorously enforced) for many years. Clarification was recently made on request of a certain national organization of hobbyists. The ruling can be read at www.atf.gov/explarson/eipb/pyrotechnic_club_member_activities_2007-03-22.pdf. The exact name of the ATF permit is Type "54-USER OF FIREWORKS (DISPLAY)". The application is available www.atf.gov/forms/pdfs/f540013.pdf/.
noahh PyroJon7 years ago
I know. Im not actually gonna make it now or ever. I was just wondering.
If you really want to do this, please go to pgi.org (Pyrotechnics Guild International web site). It is entirely possible to do this legaly in most states, and we can show you how, as well as give safety education and help put you in touch with licensed amateur clubs and/or professionals in the field, who are allways in search of enthusiastic people. If this sounds good and you're near the twin cities area in MN or WI and at least 18 with no felony convictions, you may also contact me directly. email to bert@hollywoodpyrotechnics.com Please mention Instructables in the subject line.
cory.smith5 years ago
I think you've got some really great information, but there are some things I wish you would have covered. It is a no brainer that people would keep black powder away from heat, but rarely do they think of sparks or static electricity.

That is the biggest risk when working w/ pyro like this, because it is very hard to control, and will ignite very easily. Keep the ventilation up and the air damp. Ground yourself to the area, and DO NOT sit in a rolling chair.

Shell making enterprises in the US can't use nails in the construction of their wooden work tables, and use a fully sealed, and triple grounded electrical system. Every building has a copper plate which is grounded, which everyone touches on their way in and out of the building. Same thing on the storage magazines. Also have a ground chain and spike on the trailers, which get grounded at the site...

Seriously, static sucks...

Also, read NFPA 1123. Pretty much the gold standard on this.

Pyro certification can be had by passing the PGI exam, our regulating body. www.pgi.org

Kryptonite5 years ago
Ahh, good memories. This is how I found Instructables, and now I see that it's featured. *sniff* Good times.
pudi.dk (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
It gets on the frontpage every year because of popularity. Oddly, it's always right before 4th of July ;)
Yeah I did notice that!
drwizbang5 years ago
All is fun and games until you poke your EYE OUT!...love, mom.
Quester555 years ago
Great Idea, Now for the rest of the story; Most U.S., A.T.F. & Homeland Security Laws Carry Extremely stiff Fines for Unlicensed Construction of " Fireworks " of any type. Fines raging from $ `100.00 to $ 50,000.00, are not uncommon. Jail to Prison from 30 days to 20 years, can also be granted. In cases of Minors, Their Parents Pay the Price. Think before you build.
Chikote5 years ago
Just perfect!!! Congratz! Amazing job u did here!! :)
popscott35 years ago
That is the coolest! I have always wonderd how fireworks work. And the vid was AWSOME!
bettbee5 years ago
I would have liked to see some mention of proper mortar materials. From http://www.pyrouniverse.com/FAQ.htm#9 "Why shouldn't I use PVC pipe for launching shells and mines? PVC (polyvinylchloride) pipe should never, ever, under any circumstances, be used to launch aerial shells or mines. It is a very brittle substance, no matter how thick it is. It cannot withstand the force of a powerful explosion, like that of a shell’s burst charge – yes that’s right, even consumer shells. If a shell were to be loaded upside-down in the mortar (or for some other reason get stuck), the explosion of the burst charge will shatter the PVC into razor sharp pieces of shrapnel that fly in all directions. Anyone standing nearby could be seriously injured or killed. " From: http://www.pyrouniverse.com/FAQ.htm#10 "Okay, well what about ABS pipe? Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a different type of plastic, but it shatters just like PVC. Do not use it for mortars or mines, either."
harry885 years ago
um there isnt anything wrong with it exept its illegal unless you live in an indian reserve
dkfa5 years ago
This instructable is very old guys.
In the early 60's when I was in high school; we carried our 22's down the street on our way to the woods to plink. I also carried a small, yellow handled hunting knife on my belt everywhere I went; no one thought anything about it. Ladies and gentlemen, be careful out there; as a band named Golden Earring said. They don't write em like that anymore.
920335 years ago
This is posted THREE YEARS LATER. Curious to know how many of these morons are looking up at the night stars from six-feet-under for being stupid. Ignorance is one thing...not knowing. Stupid is knowing and still doing. Don't be stupid. Superstar actor Charles Bronson once said: "Any man who makes a decision before knowing what it's all about, is Stupid". I concur. Good ole Charlie knew what he was talking about. ' ' '
maxpower496 years ago
how is the rising comet lit
pudi.dk (author)  maxpower496 years ago
From the lift underneath the aerial shell. Basically when the lift goes off, it (besides creating a pressure underneath the shell) goes around the shell and ignites the comet on top.
Can't you just glue the Comet on the bottom so that the main charge of the lift ignites it?
the explosion might destroy it before it leaves the mortar
hossmonkey5 years ago
That is the "bomb"! " :-)
i have some left over black powder pellets from my inline muzzleloader from failed deer hunts were i didn't get a shot. would this work for lift charge/stars/bursting charge if i ground it up or something?
It would be possible to use for lift charge without grinding it up. However, stars should consist of a slower burning composition where traditional black powder is simply too fast burning. Also stars are a lot bigger than the granules. It could however be ground up and used for other applications such as coating on rice hulls for bursting charge, but always proceed with caution, and omit mixing with unknown substances. For instance a mixture containing chlorate and sulfur (from the black powder) will be very sensitive with friction and impact and may go off unexpectedly.
thanks. also i was wondering how to make stars. ive seen where you can roll bb's in powder, but yours look different.
You can read a little about the different types of stars here: http://pyroguide.com/index.php?title=Stars The one you are referring to are called round or rolled stars and are a little hard to get right when starting out, so I suggest the cut stars or pumped stars which are pretty easy.
thanks. that really helps alot. i really wish i could make these. ugh parents :(
baseball055 years ago
Do you have to use black powder?? What happens if i use flash powder as a lift charge?...
pudi.dk (author)  baseball055 years ago
Only black powder should be used for lift charge. With black powder, when you put too much in it doesn't explode. Rather, too much will just burn up. With flash powder you risk destroying the shell and the mortar, and you put yourself in danger.
Ok thanks... Does it matter what type of black powder i use? If so what kind and where can i buy it from?
pudi.dk (author)  baseball055 years ago
Use the old fashion black powder, not smokeless. A fairly heavy grain such as 2FA grade is needed, finely powdered meal grade won't work.
ok thanks man. Do i need to granulate the black powder? I see videos all over youtube showing how to grandulate black powder and make it a lifting powder by adding dextrin and rubbing alcohol. It that all neccisary or can i just look up 2FA black powder on google and buy some?
teslafan1005 years ago
that was AWESOME!!!!!1

KnexFreek5 years ago
 COOOOL 5 stars
Mr. Tinker5 years ago
I forgot to say, i am particularly interested in how to produce those little colorful "balls" that fly across the sky when the detonation occurrs aerially.
Thanks again.
dumdog9276 years ago
how and what are the comets made of?
it is as he put it "just a big star glued to the shell"
seabee8906 years ago
the information is helpfullish (deal with the word) however the terminology is a bit alarming. Quickly snapping the 2 halves together. I suggest using a piece of wax paper over 1 half to contain the material while mating the 2 halves. Also we may want to realize the difference in HIT pressure by a grandma or a drummer. If you were hitting a piece of paper you would probably not go through it. I this is not helpfull I am sure somebody will let me know.
pudi.dk (author)  seabee8906 years ago
The procedure I described is the most commonly used professional manufacture and havn't heard accidents related to this. Paper method you're describing is good for starters or gigantic shells.
thanks for the feedback. i (obviously) am new to this. I was not sure if the same pressure used to strike a primer in a bullet cartridge was being brought into play here but it seemed to have entertainment value in a George Carlin/ Wiley Coyote way. I am now startingthe process to get my display liscense and i have always been a build it rather than buy it type of person. thanks again.
Well, all of us have to start somewhere. I am new too so your not alone :)
24dell6 years ago
What is requiret to get a type 54 license?
bananafred6 years ago
:( Mine landed in the neighbors and then went off... at least they were out of town. What should I say when they get back? A lot of their garden is gone and their garage is scorched and a window shattered. I think I have a couple days... P.S. Oh yeah it also killed their flying pigs
right. some day you may get such how-to about nuclear bomb exactly.... will ya try?
stimps7 years ago
Wow, how thorough! I've seen a lot of very bad and not safety-concious firework lessons, and yours is truly superb. Great job (and thanks for the film)!
ndinitz stimps6 years ago
I second the motion.Pr
wenpherd6 years ago
what size lift charge cup do you need?
BOMBOMBOMB7 years ago
Ok im sorry to say but if you live in aussie potassium nitrate is a restricted chemicle and needs ot be made from poo. Google how to make potassium nitrate from poo on google and find out how.
im in Australia and iv never had trouble getting KNO3, can get it from agricultural store pretty cheap.
isnt it restricted? like you have to have a reason to buy it or something?
KNO3 is in some stump removers...
Poo or urine? Volume 5 of the Foxfire book series details how to make black powder. Also details how they process urine to get potassium nitrate.
LMFAO i remember the goo ol days when we said poo
I live in Australia and I get a good supply from Sigma Chemicals, although its realy expensive $20/Kilo it is good grade. You need to be 18< or have a parent guardian to purchase it and the people at the store might give you a funny look.
pyroten Tombini6 years ago
where in australia.. sydney???
Tombini pyroten6 years ago
I live in Perth, but there would be similar chemical supply places all around Australia
pyroten Tombini6 years ago
i saw a chemical supply place near my school, like ajax chemicals or something?
but it looked like a dodgy place so i didn't go in.
i just googled it and i think this is them
Krinkov Tombini7 years ago
This site sells all manner of pyrotechnic coloring chemicals.

United Nuclear Scientific Supplies
It also has many other interesting supplies ranging from radio-active materials to high voltage power supplies and neodymium magnets. This is the site the mythbusters get their super magnets from. If that isn't a good endorsement I don't know what is.
Fail They only sell to America, or at least they did last time I looked :(
static6 years ago
Nicely done instructable. In that something can go awry in construction and use, that could lead to the authorities to ask "show us your license for this and that, I'll have to pass on actual construction or use. :(
wenpherd6 years ago
why is pyroGuide.com in the same format as wikipedia
static wenpherd6 years ago
Chances are it was created using a wiki application running on a server somewhere. The easiest way for a group of persons to collaborate to create a web page. http://www.wikispaces.com/ and http://drupal.org/ are two places to build and host a wiki for free, of course free brings along it's limitations. Many of the projects seen here on instructable as this are worthy of a wiki being constructed in support and further development. The more popular it would become means someone is going to have to step up to the plate, to pay for hosting.
pudi.dk (author)  wenpherd6 years ago
I believe wikipedia has a feature which allows people to create their own encyclopedias.
yokozuna6 years ago
Well done... I really like how it doesn't all just blow outwards, but rather some seem to trail off in different directions. Excellent instructions, pics, and video; 5 stars.
conrad24686 years ago
does the shell change orientation in the air? cause i want to make a smile face.......and dont want it to end up as a frown....
luvit6 years ago
mine came out as an 8". i don't have fiberglass tubes, but i have duct work.
thats a pretty neat hobby you got there.(if i were to try this i would most likely blow my hand off :p) incredible instructable 5 stars
yep and it's neat enough for the gov to make it that you need a lisences to handle, make, of light the stuff. not the smartest thing in the world but good design
conbon86 years ago
what do you wet down your stars with, what if they have metal and potassium perchorate how do you mix them
flash powder?
no, you don't need to wet flash powder im talking about a red star comp. that i need to moisten to press into pellets, i found the answer and it's 25% alcohol 75% water
That was a great instructable! Very nicely put together.
tudgeanator6 years ago
Found a way of making shells now - check out my 'ible. I made my first few the other day, unfortunately i didn't record the firing of them, but, they were aweome. Thanks alot, and check out my 'ible! (I posted it about 20 seconds ago so it may ot be viewable quite yet).
tudgeanator6 years ago
If i was making my own shells, what thickness should i make the shell wall? You know making it on a ball, before loading and pasting etc Thanks in advance I really need help!
pudi.dk (author)  tudgeanator6 years ago
The shell itself does not have that big influence, since it's the final diameter after pasting that reinforces the shell. So just thick enough to not be floppy, and then rather use a lot more pasting. My shells are pretty thick, but I suppose thinner and more pasting would mean better breaks.
Thanks so much , but, sorry more questions. What ID should the shell I make have? So, what size ball should I use for a '3 inch' shell? And, what is the actual ID of a 3 inch mortar? I live in the UK so I can't get my hands on one to measure. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it.
pudi.dk (author)  tudgeanator6 years ago
Actually living in UK doesn't make it harder for you to get. There are a number of sites selling pyro stuff to the UK. The mortar itself is 3" inner diameter, the finished pasted shell needs to be maybe 1/4" smaller. If I recall the ID could be about 2,5 inches. That's the standard for a cylindrical shell.
Thanks, thats confirmed what i thought. Now i can start making!
Oh, and, and\other question, When the lift charge goes off, does it blow the lifting cup off the bottom of the shell? I'm asking because i'm wondering how the shooting wire detaches from the firework at 'take-off'.
GlueyMcGee6 years ago
where can I get rice hulls?....is the bursting charge a must?
I saw somewhere that you can use rice krispies..if so how would I go about coating them with meal powder?
What you do is get a star roller (google it) and put a few rice crispies in it. You then start the star roller and spray the rice crispies lightly with water. Then just sprinkle on the meal powder. (Basicly, it's just like rolling stars).
Jupitane6 years ago
Why is the rising comet located at the top?
pudi.dk (author)  Jupitane6 years ago
If located at the bottom, the lift charge would have a greater chance of shattering the comet. On the top, it will just get ignited. Don't worry about it not getting lit, there are plenty of sparks and hot gasses escaping around the shell.
Thank you! =D
Jupitane6 years ago
Dude... you make your fireworks too neat (as in tidy) compared to mine. =D Great job man!
i would say in step 7 your privates should be one of the MOST important things to protect (wear a cup)
resent126 years ago
Is one dixie cup strong enough for the lift cup? or would two be better. In this tutorial, what are you using for a lift cup?
Why can't you use black powder like out of a shotgun shell...
pudi.dk (author)  pindalanderz7 years ago
That would be smokeless powder, not black powder. Smokeless powder may consist of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine, but is not used for fireworks. Nitrocellulose on it's own is used as a binder, but that's about it.
I'm making black powder at the moment but restricted chemicals in the UK means i'm using sodium nitrate fertilizer (97% pure) as the oxidizer. Besides attracting water and moisture too it, are there any other things i should be aware of in this chemical? Also, will it produce black powder suitable for shells, albeit less quality? Thanks- Pyrofirelighter
I understood about half of what you said there. that isnt't a bad thing it just means you are more experienced than I in the world of pyrotechnics. The reason I ask is because my friend told me if you take the shot out of a shotgun shell then glue a marble onto the pin it is another way to make a homemade firecracker.
It just means that shotgun shells don't use black powder. Black powder is a combination of three chemicals, Potassium Nitrate, Sulfur, and Carbon, in a specific ratio. Smokeless powder, such as the kind used in shotgun shells can be made of many different chemicals. See this page for more info.
I got an empty shotgun shell and took out the ignition cap then filled it with flash candy and put a wooden plug with a screw through it. Made a very nice BOOM!
unknown246 years ago
the materials are hard to find...
wenpherd6 years ago
http://www.cannonfuse.com/here is anuther good site
I like this instructable, i plan on using it at some point soon, after i get my black powder to work... There are no places i can find that actually tell how to make the shells themselves. i don't want to buy them, because I'm short on cash and i don't want to have to wait for them in the mail. Have you ever made paper spheres before?
I made a cylindrical shell, and used a Tinfoil roll (cardboard) as the mortar, it worked really well! i thought it was pretty cool but it only shot like 15 feet into the air.
maxpower496 years ago
where can you get the lift cup
pudi.dk (author)  maxpower496 years ago
You can use a paper Dixie cup or be creative and do some origami. One method is to roll a cone and bend over the tip.
Replicator6 years ago
Why paste it at all? What's wrong with just gluing it together? I'm sure you have a reason, I'm just curious.
pudi.dk (author)  Replicator6 years ago
Gluing (using solvent to dissolve the plastic) together can be done if using plastic hemispheres. However if using paper hemisperes which is more "traditional" gluing together will not develop as much pressure inside the shell and the stars would just spill out instead of creating a sphere. Generally you'll get better breaks with paper hemispheres with pasting rather than using glued plastic hemispheres, but other things as break charge and booster will make a difference.
Allonsy7 years ago
where in the world do you find potassium nitrate???
they sell it pretty cheap at you local gardening store ake home depot, lowes, rite aide they sell it labled as potassium nitrate
You may be thinking of Ammonium Nitrate which is a fertilizer. Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter) was once used as a preservative, as well as the oxidizer for black powder
N2H4O3? Seriously? That's explosive on it's own!
Tombini Berkin6 years ago
Ammonium Nitrate= NH4NO3
Berkin Tombini6 years ago
The chemical formula can be written either way... it still has the same properties.
Tombini Berkin6 years ago
lol, my bad :)
are you serious? I've been to all those places and have not seen it once. I've only been able to get it through stump remover.
huh i live in s.l.o california and home depot sells it here
is that san luis obispo? how far is that from chino....
well im sure by hell aint comin there just to go to home depot... lol
yes and whats chino?
well its where i live... its next to chino hills....... look it up.....
235 miles apart according to google maps =)
Fireworks grade, potassium nitrate's for sale at www.skylighter.com or cheap-chemicals.com. You gotta be 21 to buy it. They have most other fireworks chemicals and other supplies as well.
lol, try ammonium nitrate
pudi.dk (author)  deth2all7 years ago
Please do not use ammonium nitrate. It is hygroscopic and will not work. If you cannot find potassium nitrate (or potassium perchlorate) there is not much hope.
yes i was just kidding, remember kids, ammonium nitrate is seriously bad stuff that will take out your whole neighborhood........
Yah, Basically, go to Wal-Mart, buy some stump remover. Chances are you will be able to buy it without question if you're 14 or older. Loveofchaos is talking about making a smoke bomb. There pretty cool if you have time on your hands. But dangerous too. if you are going to make a "smoke bomb" you'll have to cook the substance on your stove, and in cases its exploded. Look it up on YouTube. There are some pretty good videos on it.
i have made lots of 100g smoke renades and havent had one explode while cooking i use a propane stove to... dont mean to urst your bubble
a good one is here
~Some health stores and pharmacies sell it as Saltpetre. ~Some farm and ranch stores and Stump Remover (usually sealed in wax tho, grind to get the nitrate.) ~Ive also heard it to be in some fertilizers, (i know some fertilizers contain ammonium nitrate, and ive heard there are potassium nitrate fertilizers. Hope this helps you.... also, if you get some potassium nitrate, mix it with sugar in a 3:2 ratio nitrate to sugar.... put a match to it, when it starts to burn, back away, like 5 feet and there'll be lotsa smoke. funn stuff
montmorency6 years ago
dam, i'd make gernades instead but i live in canada and steven harper's not big on potassium nitrate so i can't gat my hands on any. du'oh!
Ok dude, I'm sure you can find it at like Sobeys with a garden centre. And I sure as hell hope we get someone in office who appreciates explosions :D
Popsel6 years ago
can you make it whit other colors?
persut6 years ago
check out http://www.pyrodirect.com we have a ton of videos and books that are very useful. and remember safety is the main concern when you are making fireworks. Be Safe!
couldnt you add something like... raw copper to make the explosion green?
Copper sulfate would be good for that. Copper chloride will burn blue.
pudi.dk (author)  berriesandcreme7 years ago
just adding copper will not make the stars nor the burst green. Making colored compositions is harder than just that, you'll need other oxidizers like ammonium or potassium perchlorate, barium or nitrate or some chlorates. Really, good colored composition is a whole other stories, and fininding a good composition is hard. And if where to be found, the chemicals are often expensive, and/or toxic.
Where can i get potassium perchlorate?
pudi.dk (author)  tigertail7 years ago
Where on the earth are you located?
where can i get potassium perchlorate in australia?
It's used in sparklers and solid rocket propellant (i.e. model rocket engines)
The normal C class rocket motor uses a similar varient of gunpowder (just with less sulfur) sooo, no luck there and sparklers do in fact have an oxidiser in them which is a white powder (I deconstructed a sparkler) but it is unuasual to find perchlorates and chlorates over nitrates and oxides...
Tombini6 years ago
Can you use Shellac as a binder for the tiger tail stars?
jeymeowmix6 years ago
looks like a good way to kill yourself
desmonb26 years ago
how do you make the tiger tail stars
EnigmaMax6 years ago
combine this a potato gun! home made rocket.
=SMART=7 years ago
super awesome!
Jplaz7 years ago
Boo! Let's see some ghetto fireworks!
If you are new to pyrotechnics, start small with smoke devices, fountains, star mines. Work your way up to rockets, aerial shells, and salutes after you have more experience under your belt, else you could find yourself dissapointed, or severaly injured.
Haumesser7 years ago
would a plastic shell work? if not, where can I buys a 3" paper hemisphere?
JohnJY7 years ago
Asome just pure pro-genius, but could you make the blast brighter?
YoungPyro197 years ago
very nice.
jet18917 years ago
What did you use for your lifting cup and what is the best way to make the stars? Also, what would I have to change if a plastic sphere were used?
pudi.dk (author)  jet18917 years ago
I used a homemade lifting cup made out of paper, but you could make a cone out of a thic type of paper and glue it on instead. Or use paper cups. Plastic is used, but I don't like it because of the pieces left. If you happen to use it, reinforce with filament straping tape. Otherwise you'd have to use more/stronger burst charge, but your break might not be very good if you decide to go this way.
plastic sphere might not burst open properly. paper spheres burst open into many little pieces when the bursting charge fires. if you used plastic spheres, you would have to have a-lot more blasting powder
maxpower497 years ago
where can you get the paper hemispheres
codongolev7 years ago
just so you know, it's not a good idea to put a yellow box in another yellow box. then you can't get to it.
saskwche7 years ago
im 4rm CA so if any1 know plz tell me
terrymaz7 years ago
Just a word of advice to any Canadians out there about potassium perchlorate - it is a scheduled substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act so if you don't have clearances / approval you may find yourself facing criminal charges. That is aside from the other more pressing dangers associated with this fine Instructable.
saskwche7 years ago
does any1 know where i can get Potassium perchlorate besides the freakin internet lol? ohh and wats a good reply so if they ask wtf i need it 4?
potassium nitrate! thats funny
Mattrox7 years ago
AWESOME cant wait to shot that at my neighbor (he is so annoying wana get rid of him) Joking
AirsoftMan7 years ago
pieman1237 years ago
were did you find the stuff to make it
Moreno7 years ago
Nice instructable !!!!! Are you active on apcforum.net????
eshimo7 years ago
the dextrin is required to make the stars?
pudi.dk (author)  eshimo7 years ago
It is. It's what holds the stars together so they are hard and don't crumble. It can be made by simple heating corn starch in the oven for a couple of hours until it turns golden brown.
sno97 years ago
there are alot of different ingredients in fireworks to give them different effects and im having troble finding some of them like alluminium powder barium strontium and all those can anyone help i live in ottawa
from angelmanpyro go to skylighters.com
can anyone help i live in ottawa. in his defence i must say I LIVE IN OTTOWA,sky lighter doesnt deliver outside of the u.s.a.
How does a supermassive searchlight get you the required ingredients to make fireworks?
zsout7 years ago
is this cheaper than buying them? Good Job!... first firecrackers... then fireworks... next, who knows..... Nuclear Warheads? keep me posted ;) -Zack
yeah, iv allways known how to make these (online how to on a nother site) anyway, but i am very caucious of making *in air* fireworks, cause i goda small area to launch em :-\ so i never made 1 :-(
pudi.dk (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
It's just a matter of time before you say this one also has ripped-off pictures and video.
mattadams7 years ago
you do know that shells are CAT4 in the uk and you have to have isrance and a licend store (to keep them in )
pudi.dk (author)  mattadams7 years ago
I don't, because I don't live in the UK.
lucky low we let some shells of estate
brainspater7 years ago
I agree. that type of explosives are now illegal senses 9/11 and I tip my hat to. An theres no lol this time.
ker-boom1017 years ago
I'm just wondering I can't get my resources like stars and stuff and mold I was wondering if as a mold kind of thing i could a use a tennis ball and for stars stars from a roman candle? and as a bursting charge i could use the charge from the roman candle too i have sparklers rocket engines etc if that helps in any way thanks
hi im trying to figure out how to make fireworks(this type and such.so far im only good(very) at making bombs) any places near the Illinois/Wisconsin borderline area?
Vyger7 years ago
Did you mention that you shouldn't smoke while assembling this? You know some idiot will, at least once. Sparkler bombs are a lot simpler to make, lots cheaper too, just sparklers and duct tape, of course they are illegal to in most places also. But something for the real ammature to try without killing himself.
Thanks for the great instructable and thanks for posting a topic for responsible adults who may choose to make this purely for the fun of it!
pudi.dk (author)  workshopping7 years ago
I am glad you liked it, be careful if doing it though! Oh, and don't forget to rate your opinion ;)
thats really awesome - can i ask how old you are?
This is just plain good. :) I've had Tom Perigrin's book for a while but haven't tried to put any of it to use. :/
pudi.dk (author)  TheDisturbedOne7 years ago
Thanks! Glad you liked it don't forget to rate ;)
frollard7 years ago
*double post!!!* oops - great instructable! I feel it was a little light on the safety, but honestly, with the materials at hand, theres no reason I couldn't 'safely' follow these instructions and make my own. Well done!
frollard7 years ago
That 1Meg resistor isnt just to protect you - it's also anti-static. Hundreds of thousands of volts have to take their time exiting a statically charged object through such a resistor = no sparks = no jolts to your system.
labjock7 years ago
Just so you know; the wrist strap that is typically used with electronics (when you work on the innards of a pc for example) should have about one megaohm resistance to limit potential shock to yourself. Don't try to just wrap a wire around your wrist or ankle and ground it; while you will be grounded you will also have no protection if you should grab a "hot" circuit, say a incorrectly wired lamp or toaster with metal contact points (enclosure or frame screws). And you should invest in a inexpensive humidity indicator (Radio Shack used to sell a temp/%R Humidity that ran months off 2-AAA for under 20 dollars. When %R humidity is lower than 45% you should not proceed since static buildup is more easily obtained even on typical non-static surfaces; just moving thru the dry air can be enough and if any component is ground fine enough, very little discharge is needed to start an ignition.
rashean1237 years ago
your tutorials never cease to amaze me. gods knight apc forum member
stihl887 years ago
Absoluitly fantastic Instructables and very nice to see you set it off at the end. Maybe you might consider adding the method of pumping your stars out. Well Done!!! 10/10
Earl_Grey8 years ago
It's also wise to use 'Grounding' i.e. to earth yourself to prevent static discharge (those sparks that jump from your fingers when you touch your car or rub your feet on a carpet). You can get a bracelet that can be attatched to something suitable to earth yourself to prevent static discharge from electrical shops. WOuld not be nice to have a bowl of powder to go off in your face.
John Smith8 years ago
It is good to know that there is actually TRUE pyros here,too. ~~good~~ GREAT job!
I know what you mean, half of the people on here claim to be pyromaniacs because they can wrap a table tennis ball in tinfoil.
03mccgeo8 years ago
great, very well presented, keep it up and post some more, im a novis pyrotechnition but i like but still...the more u noo, the better -george-03mccgeo-
i wouldn't want someone who spells like you making my fireworks...
i am dislexic, i am proberly just as good (or close to) at chemistry!!!...i got an a* in my gcse's and passed my chemistry A level...and im also fairly embarised of my dislexia...so w/e
You can make fireworks for me any day.
Your spelling isn't bad, really. At least, it's what I would consider phonetic. When I talk to my boyfriend (also dyslexic) via AIM it's like trying to read original Chaucer. BTW, Firebert, that's wicked rude. Despite how people and teachers make you feel in elementary/high school, spelling has little to nothing to do with things like IQ. As somebody who had the dyslexia basically beaten out of them at a young age, I wish I still had more of my dyslexic tendencies. Boy, has it taken a lot to bring my spatial perception back up to what it was when I couldn't spell.
i used to be dislexic i somehow got over it but i still have a little bit now and then but ur instructables rock and its greatly detaled so i give it an a++
Helter8 years ago
I'm curious about your choice of shell components. Is there any reason why you chose to use paper hemispheres and paste them together, rather than just buying plastic hemisheres and using solvent?
DUDE! Post some safety stuffs and enter this into the Launch It! Contest! Awesome Instructable!
pudi.dk (author)  T3h_Muffinator8 years ago
I was thinking of that, but how on earth am I going to edit the video with me holding a sign while wearing safety gear?
Church pudi.dk8 years ago
(My first one disappeared, Sorry if this ends up being a dupe.) iMovie on the Mac will also do you. (Heck, get in touch with me and I'll edit it.) This is a great instructable. My uncle used to build these. I remember that he used old-style ice cube trays to make the stars.
Either make another one, OR do it in windows video creator or whatever the free windows software is...
This is a great instructable ive seen alot done done by novice's but not pro pyros. Keep up the good work. ps. if your your looking for a new topic how about a simple ground blom for all the grounded pyros out there.
noahh8 years ago
pudi.dk (author)  noahh8 years ago
Well, actually I recall the biggest shell ever was a 48" shot in Japan. Among pyrotechnicians this is a small to medium sized shell.
noahh pudi.dk8 years ago
That is kinda a scary thought.
I think this is the video of it

dude that sounded like it would be loud
Nah its WAY smaller then that.
Uthman noahh8 years ago
noahh8 years ago
Again, I ask how much will this cost to make?
pudi.dk (author)  noahh8 years ago
It depends on a lot of things, including how much of each you order at a time. But roughly not very much, I'd say for me it cost me around... well ~2$? It's an estimated cost, since I had shooting-wire, e-match and charcoal fore free. So it might be more, might be less.
noahh pudi.dk8 years ago
Wow! Thats alot less than I thought!
I've been looking at websites to find exactly this! i think that it is Phantom Fireworks that has a list of different minerals that makes different colors. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!
i do believe this is the best firework instructable ive seen so far
gamer8 years ago
so cool, i loved it, and it looks so much like if you were to buy it at the store. i think i will try to get some parts and build my own. thanks for the great instructable, - gamer
WOW, very professional and informative! Great instructable!