How to Make Flaming Arrows


Introduction: How to Make Flaming Arrows

About: i am a 14 year old guy who just wants to share his ideas with the world this instructable as promised I will show you how to make flaming arrows for use with my wooden short bow.see how to make it in another instructable of mine

Step 1: Materials

You will need
petroleum jelly
tissue,cotton balls or gauze

Step 2: Adding Fletching to the Skewer

cut a piece of tape about 8cm or 6 1/2 in lenth

lay it on the skewer and fold both sides into rectangles

cut those rectangles into triangles like in picture three

Step 3: Adding the Flammable Tip

First make the tip blunt by cutting of the tip

next tape the gauze, tissue or cotton ball on it like in picture 2

then take some petroleum jelly and smear it on the tip

Step 4: DONE!!!

in flight it will stay lit.
it will also tear up into pieces when it hits a hard surface.
hope you enjoyed my instructable.☺



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    Sorry if it didn't work pyromaniac_65.

    Not to be a hater but this didn't work

    Cool! I love a good Bow and Arrow... Thx for this cool instructable!