Introduction: How to Make Flextangle

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Flextangle it is a paper toy. It is easy to build and quite interesting to play with.

What will be needed ?

Paper and Glue

Step 1: Flextangle Template

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Flextangle template can be mady by own, but I recommend to just download a template from internet. There are a lot of them, just search for 'flextang;e' word in internet.

You can chose raw template to be painted, or You can print already finished one. I think that more fun will give template which can be coloured by kids.

Step 2: Preparing the Template & Gluing

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First cut the template along the border lines. then take the ruller, place it along the lines and bend the template. Make it several times. End when flextangle template could be folded like on the picture above.

Now take the glue and glue the paper in the places which are marked for gluing.

Step 3: Play

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Now Your flextangle toy is ready to play with.Nothing more to do:)


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