Step 3: Create Your Fortunes

Using Microsoft Word

1) Open a new document.

2) Write your fortune, making sure it will fit on a  2  x 1/2 inch piece of paper.

Advanced option, use the column or table function to create columns that are 2 inches wide .

3) Add a black square to the top right of each fortune for an authentic touch.

4) Print your fortunes.

5) Cut out into 2 x 1/2 inch slips using scissors, leaving a portion of the black square on the corner.

The Old Fashioned Way

1) Cut paper into 2 x 1/2 inch strips

2) Using a non-toxic pen, write down your fortunes
I just made a batch of these to pass out to family members to announce my pregnancy. On the back of the fortunes announcing a baby is on it's way, I put Lucky Numbers like they do on the manufactured ones but only I put the numbers that make up the baby's due date.<br> <br> I can't wait to pass these out tonight. :) I recommend you make these one by one unless you will have someone helping you fold them asap. It helps to have the fortunes already folded in half, when I didn't fold the fortunes in half, some of the messages were visible in a few of them.<br> <br> I tried one and they taste even better than the packaged manufactured ones you get at the restaurants. I will most definitely makes these again to reveal the baby's gender rather than a gender reveal cake.
I just realized National Fortune Cookie Day was yesterday. Rats! I will be ready for next year, anyway. <br> <br>Very nice explanation on the folding. That part is very tricky for us spatially-challenged folks.

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