Step 9: Place the Fortune on the Cookie

The cookie MUST be folded before it begins to cool. The following steps should be done as quickly as possible.

CAUTION - COOKIES WILL BE HOT. WEAR GLOVES or you will get  BURNED if you are too slow.

1) Using the spatula, remove the cookie from the cookie sheet

2) Place the fortune in the center of the cookie

3) Fold two edges of the cookie into the center.

4) Fold over the edge of a cup, with the back down, to give the cookie its distinct shape

5) Place in a muffin tin or other container so the cookie will retain its shape while cooling

6) Allow to cool completely. (15-30 minutes)

If it is humid, the cookies may still be too soft even after cooling. If so, leave in a warm, dry place overnight.
I just made a batch of these to pass out to family members to announce my pregnancy. On the back of the fortunes announcing a baby is on it's way, I put Lucky Numbers like they do on the manufactured ones but only I put the numbers that make up the baby's due date.<br> <br> I can't wait to pass these out tonight. :) I recommend you make these one by one unless you will have someone helping you fold them asap. It helps to have the fortunes already folded in half, when I didn't fold the fortunes in half, some of the messages were visible in a few of them.<br> <br> I tried one and they taste even better than the packaged manufactured ones you get at the restaurants. I will most definitely makes these again to reveal the baby's gender rather than a gender reveal cake.
I just realized National Fortune Cookie Day was yesterday. Rats! I will be ready for next year, anyway. <br> <br>Very nice explanation on the folding. That part is very tricky for us spatially-challenged folks.

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