It's called "freezer jam" because it's stored in the freezer--NOT on the pantry shelf. It tastes more like fresh fruit because you don't cook the fruit! Once thawed it must be stored in the fridge. My favorites are strawberry and peach. This Instructable is long but it only took a bit more than an hour to make a batch of jam. (Took more time to edit the pix and make the Instructable!)

Step 1: Ingredients

Need about two pounds of fresh ripe peaches, a lemon, sugar, and a box of powdered pectin (Sure-Jell, Jel-Ease.) If the amounts given in the pectin box are different from what's given here, go with the directions IN THE BOX. Different brands may have different amounts of pectin. Liquid pectin is different; don't substitute it.
I've used No Cook Freezer Jam Fruit Pectin and Liquid Pectin (same brand as the canning jar maker) to make mango, lychee, passion fruit, and jaboticaba freezer jam using the instructions for strawberry that come with the pectin package. This is even easier than using the regular powdered pectin that you must cook. Some varieties turn out a little thin, but are still very yummy.
Excellent instructable!!! However, i have a question: When i made this jam, i used pomona's universal pectin. But when the jam tried to set up, it just became these weird pectinny bits of stuff...wasn't too good...Got a solution?
Sorry that it didn't work. You might check the instructions that came with the pectin. Different brands of pectin sometimes come with different instructions. If Pomona pectin uses different amounts of sugar, fruit, and lemon juice than described here...that's possibly the reason.
My Grandfather makes this and I agree,better than regular jam/jelly by far. Raspberry is my favorite,and likewise I am glad to see someone sharing the wealth.
Freezer jam is the best stuff ever! My dad last month picked and made 40 jars of raspberry freezer jam, it is so good! finally some one put it up on instructables!

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