Introduction: How to Make Gandalf's Staff

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For Halloween, I'm probably going as Gandalf from The Hobbit and I still don't have the staff. So I figured out an easy way to make a realistic Gandalf staff. Follow these simple steps on how to make a realistic wizard staff!

Step 1: The Branches at the Top

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So for the twisted branches sticking around at the top I used tin foil. Tightly roll up a tinfoil sheet then tape it into place on your stick or dowel. Continue this process until you get the right look to it. I suggest having a picture of gandalf's staff at hand so you could go off it. Wrap and tape some bulky tinfoil around the top of the stick right below the branches.

Step 2: Mask It and Paper Mache It!

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So now I masked off everything completely but not the wood stick. Then I put paper mache on the bulky tin foil on the stick. Let it dry.

Step 3: Paint It!

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I stained the long stick with WALNUT WOOD STAIN. Once I hit paper mache and the branches I used brown paint and painted it all. I kind of dry brushed it down into the wood stain.

Step 4: Make the Gemstone!

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Now I used a little block of scrap wood and put clay around it in the shape of the gemstone in gandalf's staff. Once it was in the right shape I baked it 250 degrees (F) for 30 to 40 minutes. Once it was hard I painted it silver and then dry brushed it a little white.

Step 5: The Last Step

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Glue in the gemstone with a hot glue gun and then you are done! Enjoy!


wraith109 made it! (author)2015-08-26

I made one very similarly, except I used bamboo as the base and did the foiled over the whole thing. I used paper towels instead of newspaper for my mache. I also used wood glue so that it would be extra hard. For my crystal, I found a small flashlight that fit in the top of the bamboo, and glued it to the crystal so it lights up. I painted with 2 colors for regular, and highlights, then I used wood stain to fill in the shadows, and any spots I may have missed, and wiped it off the rest, I sealed it, and coated it in never wet.

karina.kozak.18 (author)2014-12-21

It's not Gandalf's staff it's Radagast's ! :C

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