Introduction: How to Make Garlic Popcorn! (14 Minutes)

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How to make savory, garlicy popcorn for a movie night with family!

Step 1: Pop Popcorn/melt Butter

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To save time I popped the popcorn and melted butter at the same time! The (in my case about 4-5 TABLESPOONS) butter melted (on a medium-low temperature in a small sauce pan) melted within 5 minutes, but the popcorn took 8 minutes because I had to do it in batches.

started with 0 minutes
+ 8 minutes
ended with 12 minutes left!

Step 2: Add Seasonings

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to make this garlic popcorn live up to its name, we need garlic of course! along with a few other seasonings if you like! I'm using about a teaspoon and a half of garlic and onion powder. a pinch (or two) of ground cayenne pepper. Also, a good teaspoon of parsley flakes!
started with 12 minutes
+ 5 minutes
ended with 7 minuted left!

Step 3: Mix "sauce" With Popcorn

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You know there is no easy way to do it. So just try to manage not to drop TOO much popcorn. I have a dog to help with anything that falls though! I just used a rubber spatula and did a folding motion to stir in the sauce.
started with 7 minutes left
+ 1 minute
ended with 6 minutes left!

Step 4: Finish!

Picture of Finish!

Eat this warm! right after your don't mixing in the sauce, serve right away! I just sprinkled on parsley as a garnish, didn't go too crazy because its gonna get devoured anyways! the total time of this recipe is only about 14 minutes! so that's a 6 minutes of the movie you just saved! hope all you guys enjoy, and please vote for me on the 20 minute meal contest! thanks!


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