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Introduction: How to Make Glow in the Dark Glass

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Hi guys,

In this tutorial you will learn how to make glow in the dark glass / glasses my way! They are awesome and glow beautifully in the dark! I actually came up with this idea about a year and a half ago or so during one of my creative moments :-) I just thought it would be super entertaining to bring them to parties and have drinks with my friends.. and they were really impressed! Everyone loves them! :-)

OK, let's get started!

Step 1: You Will Need...

Crystal resin (I used Gedeo Crystal resin)- bought on Amazon

rubber gloves

stirring sticks

mixing cups - from Ebay

glow in the dark pigment powder - I bought this a while ago from Ebay and the powders I used were cyan and green. I found the green one was more intensive and bright.

(I have used about a tablespoon of the glow in the dark powder to 40ml of resin)

kitchen towels

glasses or clear plastic cups of your choice (with at least slightly inverted dome on the bottom)

rubbing alcohol/ soapy water

something to protect your surface when working with resin, I just used a piece of cardboard

Step 2: Clean Your Glass

Clean the bottom of your glass with some rubbing alcohol or just wash them in soapy water to get rid of any grease and dust.

Make sure it's completely dry before the next step, resin does not like water!

Step 3: Mix Your Resin

Mix your resin according to packet instructions and once it is crystal clear, add the glow in the dark powder and mix thoroughly.

Always make sure the area where you work with resin is well ventilated and also protect your hands and eyes if possible.

Step 4: Pour Resin and Let Dry + a Tip!

Turn your glass upside down and apply the resin mixture. Make sure it doesn't create a dome, it needs to be flat - unless you want a wobbly glass :)

(Only use the resin on the reverse side of the glass, so that it doesn't come in contact with food or drink that you will then consume. I would also advise to hand wash separately from other dishes in warm but not hot water)

Let it dry for a couple of days in a warm - room temperature(resin doesn't like cold either!), dry and dust free environment.

Tip: To make the glass glow even more, use a UV light/ torch and point the light at the dried resin on the bottom of the glass - do this for at least 10-20 seconds. The glass will glow really intensively within seconds!. Or you can just take an advantage of the sun! The longer you leave it ‘charge’ in the sun the longer it will last and glow more intensively.

Step 5: Finished Glasses

Aren't they cool?! :)
Happy crafting and please send me a picture here on Instructables through 'I made it' or on Facebook/Twitter if you decide to make these glow in the dark glasses yourself, I would love to see your creations!!

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You can watch the video tutorial here, it was so much fun to make - you'll see :-))))



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    Oh yea, my next project is to get that glow in the dark spray paint for my flower pots!!!


    You Said This Twice, But I Like The Images In This One.

    I added the green to clear nail polish and painted along the top edge of our floor molding. This way I can see easily to get down the hallway without lights to the bathroom. I also painted the light switches and a thin outline on the wood around the door handles. Oh yea, I painted the edges of the bed posts at the bottom because we keep smashing our shins on them. As well as the back side of my bedside table pull knob. I guess I kind of went a little crazy but things sure are easier now! It works really well as long as it receives sufficient light to "charge" to glow.

    My Gosh, Do You Have Any Images??

    hahaha great! Sounds like a glow in the dark house!

    I Know It Takes A Couple Of Days,But The Problem Is That I Need A Dust Free Environment, Which I Need To Know How Long It Can Take With Dust

    2 Things, 1, How Long Does It Take To Dry? And 2, How Sensitive Is It To Dust, I Uh... Don't Think I Have Any Dust Free Environments ^-^;

    These are great! Such a beautiful effect. I make a lot of things that glow with LEDs el wire etc, but I always forget that there are simpler ways to create awesome glowing effects that don't require electricity! I'll have to try a project with this technique. Also your photos are lovely :)

    Such a great idea! Two things though.

    1. Would you consider those very dishwasher-safe? I'm not a chemist and I don't know if and how temperature and steam would affect the bond between resin and glass.

    2. This is more of a suggestion related to point 1. Before rubbing the glass with alcohol, I'd apply some fine grit sandpaper and elbow grease to the bottom of the glass to roughen the surface up a bit. The bond will be stronger this way. ;)

    Hi there, I would hand wash only in warm but not hot water. The 2nd point is a good idea, I actually though of it after I've posted this tutorial too :) I'm sure it would hold the resin even better! :)