How to Make Glowing Mountain Dew


Introduction: How to Make Glowing Mountain Dew

- Take your beverage from "Mountain Don't" to "Mountain Dew!!"
- Eight easy steps to make your Mountain Dew GLOW!!!

-- This Mountain Dew is NOT drinkable. It contains ingredients that may be harmful to one's health if consumed. It is solely meant for aesthetic purposes.

Step 1: Materials

Acquire the Necessary Materials

- 12-20 oz. Mountain Dew
- Empty glass/container
- Glowstick
- Dishwashing Liquid
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- Baking Soda

Step 2: Liquid Prep

Empty the majority of the Mountain Dew into a separate container.

- Leave about an inch of liquid in the bottle

Step 3: Glowstick Prep

Bend and shake the glowstick to make it glow, and cut off the tip.

**Do this over a bowl to catch any glowstick chemicals that may spill.
**Caution** -- Chemicals may stain clothes.
**Do NOT consume.

Step 4: Empty Glowstick

Pour contents of the glowstick into the Mountain Dew bottle.

Step 5: Dishwashing Liquid

Add a squirt of dishwashing liquid.

- Approximately one teaspoon.

**Do NOT consume.

Step 6: Hydrogen Peroxide

Add one and a half tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.

**Do NOT consume.

Step 7: Baking Soda

Add about one-fourth teaspoons of baking soda.

Step 8: Finish

Put the cap on and swirl/shake the bottle.

**Do NOT consume!!



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    No it is not the possibilities of drinking this is it killing you

    Let's think about this for a minute...

    no it's not why do you think it's called glowing mtn dew and how will people know it's mtn dew

    It seems pretty redundant to be making a glow stick using a glow stick....

    you can make anything glow if you cut open a glow stick and pour it in or on it.

    1 reply

    exactly what i was thinking. is the soda actually glowing or is the glowstick stuff just mixed in and glowing?

    Does it eventually stop glowing, or does the peroxide and other ingredients keep it going?

    Years ago, I used to use the inside of a highlighter to make alcohol bottles glow (after I drank the alcohol of course) but had to have my black light on in order to get the glow affect.

    That's a clever commentary on the dangers posed by sugary soft drinks. Or it's an accident waiting to happen. Either way, it certainly looks cool.


    I trieeEd thisS !t teasted GREEttTt. NOUww I pee Ein da dark

    It couldn't taste any worse than regular Mountain Dew.

    Joking aside, putting chemicals in food containers is just asking for trouble. I work at a household hazardous waste site and I couldn't even begin to count the times people bring in some horrible crud in a food container that they never got around to, or just didn't bother labelling. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for engaging in irresponsible and potentially hazardous activities, just keep things within reason and avoid creating potential hazards for others. Play safe, folks.

    that's very dangerous... add a warning in description.

    Considering hydrogen peroxide can kill you I wouldn't recommended drinking it. Perhaps the uploader should put this in his title. Because there are a lot of morons out there who would try to drink this.

    Hmmm it's got dish soap in it so you tell me...