Hello.if you have hot glue sticks but no glue gun you can make this instead!

Step 1: Materials

glue stick
pocket knife or normal knife

Step 2: Cut a Glue Disk

cut a disk from the stick with your scissors

Step 3: Make a Hole in It

Take a knife or an awl from your pocket knife and make a hole in the disk

Step 4: Insert Matches

put the matches through the glue

Step 5: Done!!

strike it but then you must work fast because it then goes off.i proved it worked in the second picture.Please like comment of follow me . Thanks and bye bye
<p>Thanks for a great idea, I would never have thought of this myself.</p>
<p>If you put the glue disk a little farther down the match, then you would have a few seconds longer before the glue starts melting.</p>
I can see that this would work well for very small projects, but wouldn't it also work to just hold the match under a complete glue stick?
Actually I made this just for fun.And yes that also works

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