How to Make Granny Carts Not Just For Grannies Anymore

Picture of How to Make Granny Carts Not Just For Grannies Anymore
This is a unique way to sport your granny cart in style on the city streets. Granny cart culture can hit mainstream with your help!

After you get your granny cart from an older relative follow the instructions, but feel free to incorporate your own creative ideas, as this project is all about personality and customization.
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Step 1: Step 1: Painting

Picture of Step 1: Painting
3 Priming.JPG
4 Painting first coat.JPG
5 Painting.JPG
You'll need sandpaper, a dust mask or respirator, spray paint, and spray primer. First, sand down the old paint. Next, mask off areas you do not want to paint with tape. After that, spray on primer, following directions on can. Once the primer dries, spray the desired color paint onto the granny cart and allow to dry. Always follow directions on can and spray in a well ventilated area.

Step 2: Step 2: Wheels

Picture of Step 2: Wheels
7 Wheels_Painted.JPG
You can use most sized wheels, we used wheels about 10 inches in diameter that we found and recycled. Sand paint off of wheels with sandpaper. Mask off the areas you do not want to paint (such as rubber tires). Spray your fresh new paint, following directions on can (and in a well ventilated area, of course).

Step 3: Step 3: Grip

Picture of Step 3: Grip
9 Grip.JPG
Youll need handlebar tape (local bike shop) or grip tape/hockey tape, and a pair of scissors. Simply wrap tape around upper portion of handle, or wherever youll need grip and comfort. Carefully overlap each wrap evenly, stretching while wrapping to maintain a nice looking finish.

I need someone to design a shopping cart that are easy to use for wheelchair bound people. I can't quite get an idea that would work for both abel-bodied people and wheelchair users. Any ideas out there? Could be a patent in there for someone.....

attach a wheeled cart to the back of the wheelchair- like a bike trailer but it probably would be smaller and ride closer to the wheel chair like a hand truck

Like vericose veins in fishnets.
dunkleman4 years ago
I see these a Goodwill all the time.
big show1126 years ago
i made 1, made it go 11mpg
JerryMopar6 years ago
The skateboard one is probably the most orignal and the least cheesiest of them all. Ever wonder why grannie uses them? Cause you can carry everything in your arms!
omnibot6 years ago
Nice. I Like the flames :D I do the shopping for the whole family and I use a handtruck and three large movingboxes with straps to tie them on.
finfan76 years ago
Does mtv have a new show? Pimp my granny cart? The ratings are gonna be huge.
DainiusGB6 years ago
That is awesome! And around were i live alot of people use those carts, not just grannys.
pocketlama6 years ago
Ridiculous is not nearly enough fun... always move right to absurd! Rock the Carts!